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Extrema Ratio Pugio Knife Series: The Modern Warrior's Dagger


Explore the depths of tactical prowess with the Extrema Ratio Pugio Knife Series, a collection that Knife Country USA takes immense pride in offering. These knives, drawing inspiration from the ancient Roman Pugio, are designed with the modern warrior in mind. The series features a selection of fixed blade knives that epitomize the fusion of historical significance and contemporary utility.


  • Pugio Fixed Blade Knife - EX314BL: At 8 3/4" overall, with a 4 1/4" N690 stainless dagger blade, this knife is the embodiment of a timeless design tailored for modern-day use. The black finish of the blade is not only aesthetically striking but also functional, minimizing reflective surfaces. The black Forprene handles ensure a secure grip, and the lanyard hole adds to the knife's versatility. Accompanied by a black injection-molded ABS sheath, this knife is both a statement piece and a fully operational tool.


At Knife Country USA, we understand that a knife is not just a tool—it's an extension of the carrier's capabilities. The Extrema Ratio Pugio Knife Series is designed for those who demand excellence and precision in their equipment. These knives are a perfect blend of robust construction and sleek design, providing an unrivaled balance between form and function.


Whether you're a tactical professional, a history enthusiast, or someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, the Pugio series offers a knife that resonates with strength and reliability. Each knife in this series is meticulously crafted in Italy, ensuring that you're wielding a piece of art that can withstand the rigors of any mission.


The Pugio knife is not only a nod to the warriors of old but also a tool for the defenders of today. It represents an unbreakable bond between the past and the present, between tradition and innovation. Owning a knife from the Pugio series means carrying a part of history with you, ready to write your own story of bravery and resilience.

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