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Slip-N-Snip Scissors

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Every single day, people browse the internet to look for the perfect pair of scissors. Buying scissors online can be a very challenging task. Choosing from various options and finding that one pair, tailored as per your expectations demands a lot of time. Knife Country USA has emerged as the most popular online shop for scissors, especially when you want to buy from leading brands like Slip-N-Snip.


What is a pair of slip-n-snip scissors made of?

A pair of Slip-N-Snip Scissors can be ideal to carry when you are stepping out of the house. Made from high- quality materials, the folding scissors feature sharp blades and strong handles. The blades are fabricated from surgical stainless steel and undergo a long process ranging from precision machining, to heat treatment as well as hand assembling in the end. The griping handles are die-cast and chrome plated.


Right Method of Opening and Closing

Since the blades for these Slip Scissors are very sharp, a reckless movement can cause injury. This why, here we are pointing down the ideal usage of these scissors to benefit you the most in every situation.

For opening—first, pull the handles apart and then, alter fold the pair of scissors into a cutting position.

For Closing—Closing is like a step-by-step reverse. Fold back the blades in to their customized slots, present within the handle. Then push these handles together.

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