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The foundation stone of Speedy Stitcher was laid by Francis Stewart and was originally patented in 1909. A vision that turned into a reality, Speedy Stitcher emerged as one of the most reliable names with the introduction of exceptional-quality hand tools. Francis Stewart invested time and energy to bring forth extremely tough and durable stitching awls and other sewing kits. It was Francis Stewart’s utter dedication and hard work that paid off well and the company outshined magnificently well in a short span of time. The impeccable range of products is a result of years of commitment and sheer dedication towards delivering the optimum range of products for everyday use.


Quality That Stands Out

The complete product line is manufactured in the USA and comes along with the custom-made diamond point needles and the signature high-tensile waxed thread. These tools are perfect to keep in the workshop, farm, or any place where heavy-duty material must be sewn or repaired instantly. The needles and thread provided in the kits eliminated the need of a machine and made the work much easier. Hand tools by Speedy Stitcher give perfect lock stitch every time by hand. These all-in-one sturdy tools fulfill the requirements of leather crafters, sailors, boaters, athletes, horse lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and coaches, for repairing and stitching heavy leather goods, canvas tarps, bookbinding, repair, athletic equipment, saddlery and tack items, climbing and camping gear. These repairing hand tools took the limelight and made the brand stand out in the international market. The products by Speedy Stitcher are readily available to retail distributors, dealers, and for export from the US.  The kits include the replacement parts, accessories like thread, bobbins and needles.


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Speedy Stitcher Awls & Awl Kits: This series includes the perfectly designed and a wide range of Awls & Awl Kits. The products featured in this series are manufactured with utmost precision and are designed using sturdy material. The incorporation of innovative methods makes the repairing much easier with this kit. The series includes sturdy awl kits, fabricated to give a perfect lock stitch look. The kits include the Sewing awl, a bobbin wound along with waxed coarse thread, needles (straight and curved), and an instruction guide.The kits are best to be used for the assembly and repairing of heavy material including upholstery, tents, shoes, belts, sporting equipment, saddles and harnesses, sails, and handbags.


Speedy Stitcher Polyester Thread: This series includes the perfectly designed polyester threads that are specifically meant to be in the arm, workshop or a place where canvas, vinyl or leather are sewn or assembled quickly. The threads are designed using high-grade raw material and cutting-edge technology to ensure optimum performance with high-tensile strength. The fine waxed polyester thread in this series makes repairing of the athletic equipment, canvas tarps, leather goods, and shoes and belts, easy and quick.


Speedy Stitcher Replacement : The replacement needles in this series are specifically designed to be used by the professionals for the repairing or assembling heavy materials instantly. The replacement kit includes small straight stainless needle, straight diamond-point stainless needle, curved diamond-point stainless steel needle and many more. These needles are manufactured using stainless material and cutting-edge technology to ensure optimum performance. The featured needles can be used with the Speedy Stitcher sewing awl and fine thread to carry out the sewing tasks. The offered needles are perfect to be used for repairing and assembly of saddlery and tack items, climbing and camping gear, and shoes and belts.



Speedy Stitcher products are warranted to be free from any kind of manufacturing defects. The sewing kits are designed with the greatest precision by the designers that help to sew, assemble and repair heavy materials instantly without machines. In case if any of the kits are found to be defected, then repair and replacement will be done only after complete inspection by the team member. A complete inspection will be carried out by the concerned team member at the brand. The defected product will be sent to the quality team and after approval, it will be sent for repair or replacement that depends on the availability of the products at the company. The products are not intended to be used as pry bars, hammers, chisels, or screwdrivers; this can hamper the product quality and performance.


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