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ASP Tools Lockwrite Pen Series - The Ultimate Writing and Restraint Tool for Law Enforcement


Knife Country USA introduces the ASP Tools Lockwrite Pen Series, ingeniously designed for law enforcement professionals who value efficiency and convenience. This innovative series marries the most frequently used police tools: a writing pen and a handcuff key, ensuring officers have everything they need at their fingertips.


ASP56254 LockWrite Pen Key Gold: This exquisite tool features a solid brass body, precision lacquered, then polished and plated for a sophisticated finish. The gold accents add an element of class, while the machined, heat-treated, and polished 4140 high carbon steel key guarantees durability. With a single click, you can switch between pen and handcuff key, making it as practical as it is elegant. Check it out here.


ASP56255 LockWrite Pen Key Silver: Mirroring the functionality of its golden counterpart, the silver version offers a sleek alternative. The solid brass body ensures longevity, and the easy switch mechanism allows for seamless transition from signing documents to engaging the lock on a pair of handcuffs. See more details.


Each Lockwrite Pen is hang packaged for secure display and quick access. Designed with the rigors of law enforcement work in mind, these pens are not only tools of necessity but also symbols of the commitment to duty. With just one click, an officer is equipped for paperwork or detainment tasks, streamlining their gear without compromising quality or preparedness.


At Knife Country USA, we understand that the gear law enforcement officers carry is a matter of safety and effectiveness. The ASP Tools Lockwrite Pen Series exemplifies our dedication to providing innovative, multipurpose tools that meet the highest standards of functionality and design.

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