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ASP Tools Federal Scabbard Series by ASP Tools

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ASP Tools Federal Scabbard Series - Tactical Baton Carriers for Quick Deployment


Knife Country USA is your destination for the ASP Tools Federal Scabbard Series, a collection of specialized baton carriers that blend seamless functionality with tactical precision. Designed for law enforcement officers who demand quick and reliable access to their batons, these scabbards are constructed with rugged polymer to withstand the rigors of duty and urgent response scenarios.


Explore the ASP Tools Federal Scabbard Series:


  • ASP52239 Federal Scabbard Set - This set accommodates any F-16 baton and features an interchangeable belt plate and paddle that can be locked into five distinct positions, ensuring versatility and security.


  • ASP52438 Federal Scabbard - Compatible with any F-21 baton, this scabbard offers a closed front carrier design and the ability to swivel to 12 distinct positions on the duty belt for customized carry and comfort.


  • ASP52638 Federal Scabbard - Engineered to fit any F-26 baton, this scabbard retains both retracted or expanded batons and swivels to 12 distinct positions, providing the wearer with multiple carrying options.


Each ASP Federal Scabbard is meticulously crafted to serve the needs of those who put their lives on the line. The scabbards' black polymer construction is not only durable but also offers a professional aesthetic suited for uniformed officers. The design ensures that batons can be securely retained, yet easily accessed in a fraction of a second, which is critical in high-pressure situations.


ASP's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of the Federal Scabbard Series, proudly made in the USA. These carriers set themselves apart with their adaptability and ease of use, making them a preferred choice for law enforcement professionals nationwide.


Knife Country USA understands the importance of reliable gear, and we are honored to supply the ASP Tools Federal Scabbard Series to those who protect and serve. Visit our website to choose the scabbard that best fits your duty belt setup and operational needs.


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