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ASP Tools Sentry Baton Series by ASP Tools

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Founded in 1976, ASP Tools is one of the renowned brand in the industry manufacturing tools like batons, restraints, Led lights, OC training products to Law & enforcement, military and armed personnel. The brand is ISO certified and is known for its matchless standards of perfection.


Batons are defensive weapons, mainly used by police officers, security guards, law enforcement officers or army personnel. ASP Tools has a rich inventory of protective batons in different series. Sentry series is popular among the batons. Sentry series batons are fully extended, offering sufficient length, thus prove to be a non-lethal solution to unwanted attacks. Whether you need a baton for self- defense, home protection, or added security on the job, ASP Sentry series batons are some of the toughest in the industry. 4130 steel construction with black chrome finish makes the batons highly sturdy and rigid. With high quality aluminum, these defensive weapons are durable and are meant to be used for longer time. Sentry series batons feature a Friction Loc locking system and come with Black Santoprene grip material on the handle, delivering a greater hold.


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