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SABRE - Security Equipment Corporation is one of the world's largest pepper spray manufacturers, providing police-strength protection to consumers and law enforcement alike, across the globe. Since the company founded in 1975, the Sabre factory has been in St. Louis, MO which now is a house to company’s prime production and internal support. In 2005, Sabre expanded to Chicago, IL where their day-to-day marketing, sales, and business development are based.  


Unfortunately, we live in a time where you may need a way to defend yourself. With Sabre Pepper Spray products, you can be prepared for what lies ahead. Sabre pepper spray is trusted by police and consumers worldwide— they offer best-in-class personal safety, home security and law enforcement products to maximize safety. Sabre pepper sprays have been the most unswervingly potent products on the market.


Where it all began: Sabre Pepper Spray Timeline 

1975: Larry Nance started a family business from the ground up in the family's first home on a $228 investment

Early Years: Focused on production and distribution of CS Tear Gas Defense Sprays

1985: Testing began on Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) / red pepper sprays

1991: Sabre Red maximum strength pepper spray was introduced

1997: Law Enforcement Product Division was founded

2001: Sabre became a Health Canada certified establishment

2001: Obtained an HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) laboratory

2002: New York Police Department began issuing SABRE to officers

2003: Arizona Department of Public Safety & Phoenix PD study found SABRE to be "The Best Tactical Spray"

2011: "The Best Packaging Award" - Institute of Packaging Professionals - AAPEX Show

2012: Worldwide Distributors Incorporated Hard Lines Vendor of the Year Award


Certified Products: Lab-tested Reliability

From the time the red pepper concentrate is brought to Sabre factory to the process of putting them in foolproof packaging, Sabre ensures strict quality check and tests. The American-made pepper sprays are tested on-site in Sabre’s exclusive high-performance liquid chromatography laboratory. Once the formulas are mixed, the units are put to water baths to ensure the products are tightly sealed to prevent leakage. The technology deployed here ensures that there are no pepper spray failures based on heat inconsistency. Sabre pepper sprays are very practical, convenient, proven effective and ideal for everyone. Sabre complies to the law and government regulations– it is ISO Certified, and an EPA and Health Canada certified establishment. 


Sabre pepper sprays are 67x hotter than hot sauce…


What Sets Sabre Apart!

Sabre has been leading the safety and security market for decades with a mission to keeping consumers safe and educate and empower the customers. The brand strives to provide effective pepper sprays and personal safety products that will help protect people in the moments they really need them. Sabre offers free tips and videos through the website and social media platforms to help you use the pepper spray correctly. In addition, the brand also offers personal safety academy classes on proper techniques and risk reduction strategies taught by more than 600 instructors.    


Brand Trusted By Police And Consumers Worldwide: Including New York, Chicago PD, Los Angeles County Sheriff's & U.S. Marshals 


Sabre’s Social Responsibility Initiative

Sabre strives to better the communities on a local, national and global scale.


National Breast Cancer Foundation: The best-selling pepper spray of Sabre benefits National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). The company has donated over $1.5 million to help in the search for a breast cancer cure. The pink NBCF product line has funded the equivalent of 14,000 mammograms since 2008.


Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network: Sabre’s partnership with RAINN includes a great initiative of blogger series that give survivors a chance to share their stories that would turn helpful in the wake of violence. Sabre has collaborated and given a RAINN Personal Alarm with Key Ring. The company also donates to RAINN each time somebody takes a Personal Safety Academy Class.


Staying Safe: Sabre’s Strongest Pepper Spray Series

Sabre Duathlete Pepper Spray Series: The pepper sprays from this series are easily accessible and perfect for outdoor exercise. The adjustable arm band attaches to reflective sleeve that maximizes visibility and the tear-away Velcro design ensures easy-to-reach access. The reinforced trigger with twist lock safety prevents accidental discharge and enhances peace of mind. The Duathlete pepper spray offers an impressive 12-foot (4 m) range and 45 bursts in a powerful stream delivery to reduce wind blowback.  


Sabre Frontiersman Bear Pepper Spray Series: For any attack deterrent plan in a bear country, a bear spray is a crucial part. Sabre pepper spray is field tested and proven effective by the Elmendorf Air Force Base (Elmendorf, AK) and Brown Bear Resources (Missoula, MT). The Frontiersman bear pepper spray is immediately accessible as the holster and canister are not cumbersome to use. The spray provides industry maximum protection range which is 35-foot (10.6 m).


Sabre Hardcase Pepper Spray Series: This series includes pepper sprays with enhanced aim and product retention. The finger grip offers enhanced control and the reinforced safety mechanism helps prevent accidental discharge. The hardshell/teal composition casing adds to the durability. Each aerosol container has a powerful stream delivery while reducing wind blowback with 25 bursts within an optimal 10-foot (3m) range. 


Sabre Home Defense Pepper Spray Series: The series includes gel pepper spray which series does not atomize like traditional pepper spray. The spray virtually removes wind blow-back and affects what it directly contacts— it thus is ideal for indoor use. The products have a 20% greater range (25 feet/7.6 m) for protection at a safer distance.  Home Defense series produce offers maximum strength red pepper and an imperceptible marking dye to help in suspect identification.


Sabre Keyring Pepper Spray Series: The pepper sprays on this series are easily accessible, pocket sized and easy to take on the go. The handy keyring ensures that the canister is readily available for an on-the-go lifestyle. The reinforced trigger with twist lock safety helps in preventing accidental discharge and maximizes peace of mind. The keyring pepper spray fires up to 10’ (3m) and 25 bursts (up to 5x other brands).


Sabre Pepper GEL Pepper Spray Series: To maximize your comfort and protection, the Sabre pepper gel virtually eliminates wind blowback with zero in-air atomization. The gel pepper spray only affects the target it directly contacts and so it is safe to use indoors as it won’t spread through HVAC systems. The gel also offers a 20% greater range than traditional pepper spray—the models in this series spray 12 feet (4 m) and contains 25 bursts (up to 5x other brands). 


Sabre Personal Alarms: The user-friendly personal alarm safety pepper spray gives immediate accessibility. The key ring attachment ensures that the canister and alarm are ready at a moment’s notice. The sleek, modern design looks like a memory stick which ensures discreet protection. 120 dB alarm amplifies your call for help as with its dual siren design, it can be heard up to 600 feet (185m). The personal alarm pepper spray features a remarkable 10-foot (3 m) range; 25 bursts (up to 5x other brands) in a powerful stream delivery to reduce wind blowback.


Sabre Pocket Unit Pepper Spray Series: The pocket unit pepper spray has an impressive 10-foot (3 m). Containing 35 bursts (up to 5x the competition) delivering a powerful stream to reduce wind blowback, this Sabre spray protects at a safe distance against multiple threats.


Sabre Police Magnum Pepper Spray Series: The pepper sprays from the pocket unit series are perfect for security officers. The magnum pepper spray has a heavy cone delivery for greater facial coverage. The twist lock trigger safety minimizes the chances of accidental discharge and enhances peace of mind. The safe-to-carry magnum pepper sprays have a superior range up to 12’ (4 m) and 35 bursts, providing protection against multiple targets.


Sabre RED Smart Guard Pepper Spray Series: This series is tested for exposure to high and low temperatures. The Sabre Red pepper sprays feature a special ballistic crossfire stream that maximizes target acquisition by deploying from any angle or orientation. These pepper sprays have a UV marking dye.


Sabre Runner & Jogger Pepper Spray Series: This series’ sprays are ideal for runners, joggers, athletes and people on the go. The easily accessible spray has an adjustable hand strap that provides police-strength protection at your fingertips. The pepper spray provides protection against multiple threats with 35 bursts (up to 5x other brands). The locking top safety mechanism prevents accidental discharge. The Sabre runner pepper spray provides protection at a safe distance with its impressive 12-foot (4M) range in a powerful stream delivery to reduce wind blowback.       


Warranty Information

Sabre provides double the industry average on its security products. All Sabre products have a 4-year shelf life. Most models contain up to five times more bursts than the competing products. Every Sabre Pepper Spray product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. If found defective, Sabre will repair or replace with a new item (at their option). Sabre Pepper Spray will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. If the product was damaged due to misuse, Sabre’s repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee. In such a situation, Sabre will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair. Sabre Pepper Spray does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Sabre products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers.


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