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Sabre Pepper Spray

If you're into law enforcement or an outdoor adventurer, you must have heard about Sabre Pepper Spray, the #1 global brand of pepper spray. Since its inception in 1975 by Larry Nance, the company has been the most trusted brand for police and customers alike. The Sabre users are spread on six continents, from North America to Asia to the US to India.

Today, the company manufactures and supplies a range of products, including stun guns, personal alarms, bear and dog sprays, home security systems, and much more. Despite venturing into the broad, personal defense segment, all products' trademark is quality and unmatched performance anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Sabre's mission is to make the world a better and safe place for everyone. Whether it's day or night, you should be confident to embark on your journey on the street or in the wild. With this mission, the company produces premium quality personal safety products that keep you safe and confident. Sabre's outstanding products, including safety and home security solutions, provide peace of mind to families and individuals.

Sabre Security Equipment Corporation is the largest manufacturer of pepper sprays in the world. With over 45 years of experience, the company is undeniably the most trusted brand of personal safety products.

What differentiates Sabre from others?

The company is built on four guiding principles: trust, maximum strength, guaranteed performance, and education.

Each Sabre pepper spray goes through extensive testing and quality control before it reaches the market. As a result, you can rely on Sabre personal defense products for maximum performance when you need them the most. The products are tested at Sabre's exclusive High-Performance Chromatography Lab before leaving the production facilities. Then, products are sent for leakage-testing to prevent leakage. Ultimately, what you buy is not just a pepper spray but a high-performance protection device that remains ever-ready to work. Moreover, the company is ISO Certified to ensure that the products are compatible with the law and government regulations. These unique qualities are what differentiates the Sabre personal defense sprays from other brands.

The second differentiating factor is HPCL technology. This technology helps determine the spray failures based on heat consistency. Sabre employs this exclusive mechanism to eliminates bad batches from the production line. Therefore, each Sabre pepper spray guarantees maximum strength and operability. In addition, Sabre red pepper pocket units have been tested and found to be twice effective as average strength. In sum, personal defense sprays mean Sabre.

Sabre provides free resources in the form of blogs and video tutorials to impart self-defense and how to use pepper sprays. People's safety has always been the guiding light for Sabre. 

Sabre is unlike many companies that are just for profit. Sabre is for a cause, and the philanthropic initiatives are a testimony of Sabre's philosophy. The charity partners include RANN (The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors). These initiatives display Sabre's firm devotion to community causes.

Sabre's best-selling pepper spray benefits NBCF. The firm has given over $1.5 million to find a cure for breast cancer. Since 2008, the pink NBCF product line has supported 14,000 mammograms.

Sabre's collaboration with RAINN includes an excellent blogger series that allows survivors to tell their stories and aid those affected by violence. In addition, with Sabre, you get a RAINN Personal Alarm Key Ring. The firm also contributes to RAINN for every Personal Safety Academy class taken.

Timeline of Sabre Pepper Spray

  • 1975: Larry Nance built a family company from scratch in his first house with just $228. CS Tear Gas Defense Sprays were the company's first offering.
  • 1985: Testing on OC/red pepper sprays began
  • 1991: Sabre Red super-strength pepper spray released
  • 1997: Law Enforcement Product Division was founded
  • 2001: Approved by Health Canada. Formation of HPLC lab.
  • 2002: The NYPD began issuing SABRE to cops.
  • 2003: Arizona Department of Public Safety & Phoenix PD study found SABRE "The Best Tactical Spray."
  • 2011: "The Best Packaging Award" - AAPEX Show
  • 2012: WDIA Hard Lines Vendor of the Year

About Sabre Pepper Sprays

The US law enforcement and correctional officers trust SABRE pepper spray. Every canister of this unique OC spray has the same amount of heat or capsaicin. SABRE's unique in-house HPLC laboratory eliminates bad-batch OC failures. SABRE RED tests 1.33 percent Major Capsaicinoids for Level III Stopping Power on "goal-oriented," emotionally disturbed, and drug/alcohol-induced individuals. SABRE's 5x more bursts per canister than competitors make it suitable for numerous threats. Shelf-life or Sabre red pepper sprays are four years.

Made in the USA and certified ISO 9001:2015, SABRE aerosol irritant projectors are the most dependable, powerful & safest pepper sprays available. SABRE has been manufacturing in St. Louis, MO, since 1975. This facility now houses Sabre's production unit and internal support.

Are pepper sprays legal in your country? Pepper spray is generally offered as an animal repellent. If it's for self-defense against humans, it can only be sold to and carried by those over 14. However, using animal repellent sprays on people is typically considered criminal assault in the EU and can only be justified in situations of genuine self-defense. Most countries except the US designate red pepper sprays in the self-defense weapon category. Read the respective government regulations before buying pepper sprays in your country.

Affects of pepper sprays on humans. Pepper spray produces rapid eye closure, severe eye discomfort, and temporary blindness when it contacts the eyes—some report extreme pain and bubbling. In addition, pepper spray has a 30-minute irritating impact on most people. Rinse any pepper spray-contact areas with cold water for 10–15 minutes. If the symptoms don't go away within 45 minutes, see a doctor.

What is more effective, pepper gel or spray? Pepper gel travels 20% further than pepper spray, putting you even farther away from the offender. In addition, pepper gel cannot be blasted back into your face like liquid pepper spray. So pepper gel is helpful for self-defense outside at close combats.

The most popular Sabre products include Sabre pepper gel, Sabre pepper spray, Sabre pepper spray launcher, Sabre stun gun, and Sabre CS spray. The Sabre pepper spray launcher is designed to be a self-defense tool with up to a 20-meter projectile range.

Sabre self-defense sprays and outdoor accessories are available in more than 40 countries.

Sabre Pepper Sprays Product Categories

Sabre Runner and Jogger Pepper Sprays: Never be slowed down by fear of running into a dog, person, or other hazards. It offers various options to suit your needs: pepper gel sprays with armbands or straps that provide adequate protection at your fingertips. So pick up a Sabre Runner Pepper Spray today and enjoy the freedom of running outside without worry. The proprietary formula is lab-tested, high-performance liquid chromatography, so you know you're getting maximum stopping power. Sabre has the best guarantee in the industry, so don't settle for anything.

Sabre Bear Sprays: Sabre Bear pepper sprays are the ultimate in self-defense spray solutions. With a higher percentage of significant capsaicinoids of any other brand, this is the only protection you'll need against attackers and wild animals. In addition, our product is laboratory tested for EPA maximum strength and ergonomically designed to help release solution from the bottle for optimum protection.

Sabre Personal Alarms: A personal safety alarm is an easy way to defend yourself against dangerous situations. It offers peace of mind with an instant alarm that can deter and distract attackers or draw attention so you can get away. Sabre's personal alarms are compact and lightweight, with a variety of designs and functions to fit any lifestyle. They're the perfect defense for everyone from runners to people out on the town. This category includes door alarm, window security alarm, and personal alarms with 600-decibel capabilities.

Sabre Pepper Spray Launcher: Protect your home. The Seb Pepper Spray Launcher is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones against any intruders. This kit includes everything you need in case of an emergency, including a pepper spray launcher, seven projectiles, and a safety shield. So whether you're out in the field or at home, it's the perfect way to keep your family safe.

Sabre Pepper Sprays by Series

Sabre Frontiersman Bear Pepper Spray Series: When heading out into the wild, Sabre has you covered. The Frontiersman Bear Spray Series is designed to keep you safe from ferocious wild animals while trekking or camping in the great outdoors. With a range of 35ft, this group of bear sprays will make sure that you are always prepared.

Sabre Hardcase Pepper Spray Series: Get prepared! Be safe! Prepare for the unexpected before it happens to you with Sabre Hardcase Pepper Spray. With one easy press, this compact red pepper spray canister is ready to use. Each container has 25 bursts within an optimal foot range. The quick-release keychain can be clipped onto most purses, backpacks, or even worn on your belt loop. Easy to use with one hand operation, pepper spray aerosol bottles are the perfect protective buddy in outdoor and indoor.

Sabre Home Defense Pepper Spray Series: Protect your home from intruders and assailants with the Home Defense Series, an effective line of pepper sprays that combines high-strength red pepper and an invisible marking dye to aid in suspect identification. This series consists of protective kits, from pepper gels to 3-in-1 home and away from protection kits, so you'll find what you need for a worry-free night's sleep.

Sabre Keyring Pepper Spray Series: If you want a small self-defense weapon that can be used instantly without any hesitation, in any circumstances, and is easy to carry, Sabre's Keyring Pepper Sprays are just for you. These little pepper sprays are equipped with quick-release keyrings that make them easy to grip and use in an emergency. Many of the pepper jets in this series include UV Marking Dye and can be used with one hand. The spray's steam distribution is terrific even from afar, reducing wind blowback—exceptional burst rate, longer useable.

Sabre Pocket Unit Pepper Spray Series: It's time to get out there! No one should live in fear. Keep yourself safe by carrying a pocket unit pepper spray. With Sabre, you can feel confident knowing you have an adequate protection solution that is small and lightweight yet powerful - all without a keychain attached to your belt or purse. Browse Sabre pepper sprays with clip today and feel the difference.

Sabre Police Magnum Pepper Spray Series: Sabre offers the best magnum pepper sprays to keep you safe at all times. It is a powerful way to incapacitate any attacker and protect yourself from harm. These police sprays are so strong that they even include UV marking dye for suspect identification. That's why pepper sprays from this series are the ultimate choice among law enforcement and outdoor adventurers.

Sabre Smart Guard Pepper Spray Series: You may never know when the need to use your phone could be urgent, and carrying a canister of irritant agent on your hip is inconvenient. That was until Smart Guard's line of EDC pepper sprays w/ clips for mobile phones was created. With the convenience of place on the back of a mobile phone case or in a purse, Smart Guard can provide you with protection and an easy way to carry it with you.

Sabre Flip Top Pepper Spray Series: Sabre's pepper gel line is a more powerful, cost-effective, and accessible alternative to the leading pepper spray. With Sabre Flip Top Pepper Gel Teal, you will see your assailant from 18 feet away and be able to identify them in a police lineup. The pepper gel is made with a UV marking dye so you can identify them if your assailant tries to claim they're innocent. There's nothing more satisfying than watching your assailant feel the maximum strength.

Sabre Personal Alarm Series: Sabre Personal Alarms are the perfect way to defend yourself when you're on the move. The compact safety alarms can be carried in a pocket or bag and are easily accessible. Even the sturdiest of thieves will find it difficult to get past the high-decibel alarm. It even has a flashing LED light and belt clip so that you can go on your way with peace of mind. In addition, this series includes sport and safety horns, keychain alarms, and a personal alarm system for runners.

Sabre Products Warranty

Sabre's security products are twice as good as the industry average. Sabre products all have a four-year shelf life. Most versions have up to five times the number of bursts as comparable goods. For the owner's life, every Sabre Pepper Spray product is assured to be free of faults in material and workmanship.

If a product is discovered to be faulty, Sabre will fix it or replace it with a new one (at their option). Sabre Pepper Spray will only return the original item and will not provide a replacement. Some things cannot be fixed due to a lack of available components. If the product was harmed due to abuse, Sabre's repair service can assess the damage and fix it for a fair cost. In this case, Sabre will provide a currently produced item that nearly matches the item turned in for repair.

Sabre Pepper Spray does not offer a warranty against regular wear and tear or misuse of its goods. Sabre products should not be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers.

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