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Police Magnum Pepper Spray

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Whether approaching towards one in a car or walking alone, one can be attacked by a stranger. A functional pepper spray can be one's ultimate life-saver. While buying such personal safety products, it is ideal to only look for a quick action pepper spray, like — Police Magnum Pepper Spray. Having the hottest pepper, Police Magnum Pepper Spray is a modern replacement to various water-based pepper sprays.


Different From Others

Police Magnum Pepper Spray is a chemical-based pepper spray made without using alcohol and is non flammable. Police Magnum Pepper Spray has ability to stream up to larger distances just like 6 ft. This is why; you can harness the longer bracket of time and manage to escape leaving the attacker. Police Magnum Pepper Spray features a Fogger Nozzle, which covers a larger surface area. 

We Have a Lot to Offer

Knife Country USA has a vision of bringing precision tools, outdoor gear, knives, and self-defense and survival utilities under a single roof. At this online megastore, you get the opportunity to browse through a vast selection of Police Magnum that has been handpicked and procured by experts.

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