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BenchMark Butterfly Knives Series includes a variety of blade types such as cut-point blade, spear blade, drop point blade, unsharpened blade. These blades are made from premium quality stainless steel that exhibits high wear resistance and scratch resistance. Available in different colors and sizes, these knives meet the specific requirement of the user. One can find foldable knives and fixed blade knives in the series. The handles of the knives have a cut-out design that enhances its aesthetic appeal and provides better grip and control over the knife. The handle is designed from popular materials like G10, aluminum, steel, and metal alloy. These high-quality knives are a preferred choice for tactical use, everyday carrying, hunting, and camping. Some of the bestseller knives in the series are Benchmark 007 Balisong Folding Pocket Knife with Black Metal Handle, 009 Balisong Red Drop Point. Most of the knives in the series are proudly made in the USA.

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