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Sly Stallone, who played the legendary character of John Rambo in the Rambo series, lent popularity in the share of Rambo Knives. Stallone, a knife enthusiast himself, appointed famous knife makers Jimmy Lile and Gil Hibben to design his range of Rambo Knives.


A  Long & Fruitful Journey Still Underway: Rambo Knives

  • In his several hit and trials, Gil collected various items like leather, wood, paracord, tape and seat belt webbing to fabricate the handles. All such steps were taken to give a crude appearance to these Rambo Knives.
  • Blade also remained a point of concern. In order to meet the expectations of Rambo Star Sylvester Stallone, the designers worked hard on the blade designs. Intricate depressions were cast on the blade by constant hammer blows.
  • Even now, all Rambo Knives are fabricated with a very large blade and a thick spine. After that, the final finishing of blade takes place. To make room for the heavy and sharp edges, the knife sheath is also cut from top. This helps to place wider blades easily into sheaths.


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