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1968 Marked the Birth of a Legendary Movie Character “John Rambo”

"First Blood" was written by David Morrell in 1968 and got published in 1972. The book created history when in 1980 Carolco Pictures released a movie with the same name. The legendary character of John Rambo (novel's lead character) was played by Sylvester Stallone. The name is an inspiration from the Pennsylvania Rambo apples. Contrary to the book published where Rambo did not own a knife, the movie character had a survival knife that grabbed almost the same attention as that of the lead character. This movie gained accolades for the character and even for the strongest knives used.


Custom Designed Knives in the Movie RAMBO

The knives used in the movie Rambo and even in the sequels were customized as per the requirements of Sylvester Stallone. On his personal request, the knives were customized and forged every time. Several knife material including the paracord, wood, leather, tape, and seat belt webbing were used for the making of Rambo knives. Apart from the other knife parts, the blade has always been the center of attraction owing to the perfect sharpness and thick spine. The blades were cast intricate depressions by the constant hammer blows. These procedures made the Rambo Knives superior and qualitative.


Behind the Scenes with Real Rambo, Sylvester Stallone

An actor needs to completely understand even the minute details about the character he/she is about to play. And there is no better example than Sylvester Stallone, the man behind the fabulous movie Rambo. The movie character Rambo used to carry knives but in real life, Sylvester himself is a big knife enthusiast and his keen interest was visible when he appointed Jimmy Lile and Gil Hibben (famous knife makers) to design the exclusive range of Rambo knives.


Exploring the Most Demanded Rambo Knives


Rambo First Blood Knives: Rambo First Blood Knife was designed by the knife smith Jimmy Lile and used by John Rambo for First Blood, a 1982 American action thriller film. These are the fixed blade knives with standard edges. Many knives in this series have the blades etched with the signature of Sylvester Stallone. The stainless construction of the blades with flawless matte satin finish withstands high compression and prevents splitting even after roughest usages. These knives are designed primarily to be used in tactical situations by the adventure enthusiasts and outdoorsman. The aluminum butt of the knives has the precision compass. The stainless guard with lashing holes offers utmost user convenience. This collection is an officially licensed reproduction.


Rambo First Blood Part II (2) Knives: It is a perfect survival knife series that includes the precisely manufactured stainless blades with sawback and polished edges. The blades are born tough and are specifically designed for tactical situations. The stainless construction along with the aluminum butt cap imparts impeccable strength to the whole knife body, which is required in most of the demanding situations. The dramatic two-tone, black finished blade complements the knife body. These knives have the stainless guard with lashing holes. The handles are wide and comfortable enough to be used for long durations, without much straining the hand. The precision compass is inbuilt in these knives. These knives have the top grain leather belt sheath with leg tie for user convenience. These are the officially licensed reproduction of Rambo Knives.


Rambo III (3) Knives: Rambo III survival knife was designed by knife smith Gil Hibben, on Stallone's personal request, primarily for the third Rambo movie that was released in 1988. These knives have the perfect hand ground blades that imparts excellent finish. The sturdy stainless construction of the knives helps to survive under toughest situation without getting split. 


Rambo IV (4) Knives: Another addition to the Rambo Knives is Rambo IV Knives Series that was introduced for Movie ‘Rambo’ in 2008. Only after going through varied prototypes and designing techniques the Rambo IV (4) Knives were introduced. These are the crude looking knives that were designed as per the requirements of the movie. The blades are tough and are made to be used in most demanding situations. The handles are tough and are comfortable enough to be used for long durations. The blades have crude look and perfectly complement the knife body.


Rambo Fixed Blade Knives: Fixed Blade Knives by Rambo Knives are the stainless-steel constructed knives and have impeccable strength which is required in challenging situations. These knives are sturdy and durable enough to be used while on hunting or adventure treks. The knives are known to survive high compression and distortion. The blades are designed to glide smoothly through the surfaces without being stuck in between.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

The knives manufactured and designed by Rambo Knives are Every Rambo Knives are warranted to be completely free from the manufacturing or the designing defect. In case any kind of defect is found, the knife will be repaired or even replaced with a new one. Though, this would happen only after complete inspection of the defected knife that needs repairing. The repairing procedure and time will depend on the availability of the parts. Apart from this, the knives will neither be repaired nor replaced in case of normal wear or misuse. Rambo Knives are not intended to be used as pry bars, chisels, or screwdrivers that can hamper the performance.


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