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Aitor Knives is a leading Spanish company that manufactures finest-quality knives for consumers and the military market. The company was started in 1939 in Basque Country, Northern Spain by three Izaguirre brothers, Máximo, Eugenio and Alejandro. The brothers initially name the company as IHER that collaboratively becomes Izaguirre HERmanos (means, Izaguirre brothers). After some time, the company’s name got changed to Cuchilleria del Norte before finally being named as Aitor Knives.


The company provides high-grade knives, swords, and other tools to the United Nations and UNESCO security personnel and military forces. Aitor Knives has handpicked and handcrafted some of the best ergonomically-designed knives that are the result of precision manufacturing. The heavy-duty, hard-handled knives cater largely to knife collectors, hunters, fishermen, travelers and outdoor professionals from across the globe.


Expect Hard-Handled, Made-In-Spain Knives

Aitor Knives is one among the bestsellers of pocket and tactical knives in the knife manufacturing and selling marketplace. The products are manufactured by experienced craftsmen using advanced technology and age-old Spanish weapon making techniques. A brief range of Aitor combat knives is manufactured for the Spanish army and different armed forces from across the world. The excellently designed products are well researched and developed to ensure maximum quality and long performance life.


Provides High-Quality Products Made from Sturdy Material

The company manufactures a wide range of knives, small-arms, and hand-tools that includes, fixed blade knives, compasses, fire starters, and folding knives. The robust construction of these knives and tools are done using heavy-duty material like silver/black anodized stainless steel. The knurled handle construction is done from high-quality wood and other material that includes stainless steel, aluminum, polymer, polyamide and black phenolgraf wood.


Offers Best-Designed Product Catalog

Most of Aitor Knives products are manufactured in Spain and are exported to different countries. The products are high in demand because of their practical, robust and eye-appealing designs. 


Aitor Fixed Blade Knives: These hard-handled, fixed blade knives are manufactured for hunting and fishing applications. Most of these knives feature black powder coated clip point blades with polymer handles. The series includes a variety of fixed blade knives that caters to outdoor professional. Aitor Botero Series Knives are light in weight and made from welded cast metal for additional strength and durability. These knives are designed from black epoxy and work excellently as self- defense tools. Aitor Bowie NATO Series Knives feature V-ground Bowie-style blades made from high-quality stainless steel. The textured polymer handles provide a comfortable and tight grip to the user. The OD green color gives high visibility to the products even in complete darkness and dense areas.  Aitor Commander Series Knives are designed for military officials and security personnel. The blade construction is done from black epoxy coated CrMoVa steel. Most of these knives are available with a lanyard hole and sheath for easy and safe transportation and storage. Aitor JKI Skeletal Skinner Series Knives are ergonomically-designed utility knives ideal to perform various tasks. These multifunctional single knives have razor-sharp stainless-steel construction along with thumb ridge and lanyard holes. Aitor Knives Jungle King Series includes different models of the Jungle King I, II, and III depending upon the material construction and size of the knives. The blade construction is done with vanadium, molybdenum, and chrome to provide strength, durability, and reliability to the structure. Aitor Montero Series Knives feature fixed stainless-steel blade along with OD green polyamide, brass guard and heavy-duty pommel that provides comfortable, safe and tight grip to the operators. Most of these knives are available with polyamide sheath with nylon belt look for safe storage. Aitor Uno Series Knives are unique and distinctive looking with their premium-grade stainless steel blade. The handle construction of most of these knives is done from phenolgraf wood for steady handle grip. These knives are available with a nylon belt sheath and leg ties. Aitor Zero Series Knives are great hunting and fishing tools. The Zero series offers tough stainless-steel fixed blade knives with wood or removable inside handles great for using in life-threatening situations. Most of these knives are available with a black Cordura belt sheath, lanyard hole, and a utility pouch to keep other accessories and tools.


Aitor Folding Knives: The pocket folding knives are great for everyday carry purpose. These multipurpose pocket knives are available with a different locking mechanism to assist the operators. Some of these knives include different tools including the opener, screwdriver, and wrench. Aitor Pastor Series Knives are light in weight and great for cutting and chopping jobs. These wooden handle knives are made for both kitchens as well as commercial/ outdoor use as they feature a tough construction.


Aitor Compasses & Navigation: Aitor Compasses and Navigation tools caters largely to travelers, hikers, campers, backpackers, adventure enthusiasts, and outdoor professionals as they provide accurate directions. The compasses are made from heavy-duty material that can withstand everyday handling abuse and tough environmental conditions.


Aitor Saws: These heavy-duty saws are precisely designed to perfection in Spain. The Aitor Saws work effectively on any object as they are manufactured by experienced craftsmen using tough and durable material.


Warranty Policies

Aitor Knives are warranted against any manufacturing or workmanship defects. In case of any visible defect on the part of the maker, the knives can be repaired or replaced with the new one. However, Aitor Knives are not open for replacement and repairs in case of normal wear or misuse. These knives are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. In case of damage due to misuse, the repair department will charge reasonable fees for the replacement.


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