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Uzi Axes by Uzi Knives

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Uzi Knives is a famous firearm brand that was launched in the year 1950. This Israeli brand, with its 20th century classic designs, has contributed immensely to the secret services, police, special forces, and armed forces. Pioneers of angular-shaped UZI sub-machine guns, the brand has collaborated with world-renowned designers such as Fred Carter.


Uzi Axes: For the Warriors


The Uzi axes are heavy-duty tools that are available in a variety of blade designs. The range comprises mostly stonewashed finish axes with a sharp cutting edge. The axes are safe to carry as these come along with tough sheaths. Aiming at your prey or your enemies from a distance becomes quite convenient when you have one of the throwing axes of this category. The axes are ideal for hunting, combats, personal protection, chopping wooden items, etc. The axe series includes combos too. Tasks such as throwing and slashing become easy with these lightweight weapons.


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Knife Country USA is a one-stop megastore for an assortment of household products, survival gears, kitchen cutlery, saws, knives, water bottles, shears and scissors, security equipment, etc. Set up in 2001, the brand, after gaining success in the wholesale industry, has expanded its operations by opening its doors to the end user.

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