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Uzi Megaphones by Uzi Knives

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Uzi was founded by and named after the Uzi family in the year 1950. This Israeli company is famous for its firearms and deals in a variety of knives too. Right from folding knives, throwing knives, and fixed blades, the company has contributed majorly to the knife industry. In collaboration with the famous knife maker, Fred Carter, the brand strives to offer the best of products to its customers.


Uzi Megaphones


Megaphones are speaking-trumpets that easily amplify a person’s voice and other sounds in a given direction. Usually, these are cone-shaped and handy to have when needed. Capturing the attention of people is easy, especially when you have to address a large gathering or people who are yards away, with the help of these megaphones. These electrically-amplified megaphones easily concentrate the sound of the voice and, hence, are ideal to be used in outdoor locations.


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