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Set up in the 1950, the Uzi brand gained success owing to its innovative and practical designs. Apart from firearms and knives, this Israeli company also deals in watches, flashlights, binoculars, and other similar accessories. Famous among law enforcement forces, the brand exports to more than 90 countries.


Uzi Scopes & Binoculars


This range of scopes and binoculars includes portable tools that act as high-power telescopes. Ideal for watching distant views, birdwatching, hunting, surveillance, and activities that require more magnification, this assortment of scopes, periscopes, monocular, and binoculars are a must-have. Most of these are weatherproof and can be carried along with your camping gear. A great companion during treks, hikes, and similar natural outdoor activities, these prove beneficial at times when you are out for hunting and lose sight of your prey.


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