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Uzi Handcuffs & Personal Restraints by Uzi Knives

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The legendary Uzi brand has been acknowledged as the most popular one when it comes to manufacturing tactical knives for armed forces, police forces, secret service agencies, etc. This Israeli brand was set up in 1950 and takes pride in offering machine guns and other law enforcement gears. The three major categories of Uzi are: Uzi folding knives, Uzi throwing knives, and Uzi fixed-blade knives.


Uzi Handcuffs and Personal Restraints


The handcuffs and personal restraints by Uzi are available in a wide range. With different shapes, designs and colors, these devices are ideal to secure an individual’s wrists close together. With advanced technology, handcuffs and personal restraints have got a new look and offer many features such as quick zip closures that help in restraining suspects quickly. Also, two individual cuffs allow for better control of suspects after one hand is restrained. This category also comprises cuff cases, handcuff keys, key sets, metal detector wands, etc.


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