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Uzi Expandable Batons by Uzi Knives

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Dealing in firearms, knives and other law enforcement gears, Uzi came into existence as a brand in 1950. Ever since, the company has been manufacturing tools, following the Uzi tradition, for the armed forces, police forces, secret service agencies, etc.


Uzi Expandable Batons: For the Unarmed


The Expandable Batons by Uzi is a great intermediate defense force tool for you to have in public environments. These are not only compact but are also lightweight and can be carried easily wherever you go. Place them in your cargos pockets, waistline, or simply conceal them inside your shirts without bringing them to notice of your enemies. These can work as a lethal force weapon, and striking anyone with these can cause discomfort and pain. Easy to deploy, these extendable batons, in a flip of wrist, open and strike short blows and powerful blows.


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