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An Israeli knife and firearm manufacturer company, Uzi started its journey in the year 1950. Introducing an array of knife designs, the company has been continuing with its long history of success.


Uzi Flashlights


The Uzi flashlights cannot be ignored during all kinds of outdoor adventures you are looking forward to. These are highly critical equipment with high output. These tactical torches feature a metal pocket clip and are usually water-resistant too. This makes them ideal for use in wet and damp locations. Easy to carry due to their compact size, these provide enhanced visibility, and many of these can be mounted to rifles, shotguns, and hand guns. Most of these LED torches are operated using AA batteries and come along with a lightweight holster that allows for multiple carry options. The torches are ideal to be used in dim-lit and enclosed areas, especially while you are out for activities like camping, hunting, etc.


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