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Uzi Mossad Knife Series by Uzi Knives

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Uzi has a long history of excellence and has been contributing to the arms and weapon industry since 1950. It offers a line of high-value tactical knives and has worked with the world-famous knife designer, Fred Carter.


Uzi Knives Mossad Series


The Mossad series is majorly used by law enforcement forces. One of the famous Uzi knife series, this category of tactical knives is high in demand. Right from fixed blades to folding knives, the Mossad series is user-friendly and features a lanyard hole that makes it easy to carry wherever you travel. With textured handles and pointed edges, these combat knives offer high-performance and are effective during combats. Be it dagger, fixed blade, or folding knives, the Mossad series is a great addition to your repertoire of knives.


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