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Uzi Fixed Blade Knives by Uzi Knives

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Having been around for more than five decades now, Uzi is an Israeli firearm brand that deals in lightweight, perfectly balanced and uniquely designed knives. Serving the law enforcement, armed forces and secret service agencies, the brand both imports and manufactures the tools following the Uzi tradition.


Uzi Fixed Blade Knives


The fixed-blade series by Uzi comprises a range of tactical knives, throwing knives, etc. Available in a variety of blade deigns, the knives deliver high performance. With features like lanyard holes, ergonomic handles, etc., the knives are easy to carry and ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Cutting, slicing, peeling, chopping, hunting are a few activities that can be easily performed if one owns these fixed-blade knives. A multi-tool with a fixed blade knife can make your work easy when you are outdoors for an adventure. The knives can be your life long companions and can be securely carried owing to the sheaths that come along.


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Knife Country USA is a one-stop megastore for an assortment of household products, survival gears, kitchen cutlery, saws, knives, water bottles, shears and scissors, security equipment, etc. Set up in 2001, the brand, after gaining success in the wholesale industry, has expanded its operations by opening its doors to the end user.

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