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China Made has established as an ideal example in the knife making industry. The knives by China Made are specifically designed to cater to the varying demands of the adventure enthusiasts and professional hunters across the world. The general-purpose knives are designed for carrying in the pocket every day, for the everyday utility tasks. The quality of the knives is impeccable and is known to survive under most of the challenging situations. The inherited features and functionality of the China Made knives contribute in delivering optimum performance every time.


Batons by China Made is a premium series of batons that are specifically designed and manufactured to be used by the professional users across the world. These are the intricately designed batons with finest black finish steel construction and premium rubber handles. The use of steel induces commendable strength and the ability to withstand high pressure and repeated strokes. The baton length is optimum and is specifically designed to be used as a compliance tool or a finest and most reliable defensive weapon for the military personnel, security guards, correctional staff, and law-enforcement officers. The batons in this series are provided with black rubber handle casing that stores that baton when retracted. Many of the batons in this series are provided in the form of keychain for utmost user convenience.


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