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We, at Knife Country USA offer a wide range of daggers in all designs and types. Survival daggers, holder knife, fighting dagger knife, folding knife, fixed blade knife and dagger sheaths are some of the products offered. The daggers are durable with stainless steel or carbon steel used to make the blade. Many designs include twisted blades, double edged blades, handles with grooves, and blades with grooves. The sheaths are made from nylon or kydex. The handles are made wood to rubber lending extra grip as it will not slide from the hand. The sizes vary for each dagger; choose the dagger according to choice and requirements. Our special range includes daggers inspired from Pakistan Cutlery to Medieval Times.


What brands are manufacturing Daggers?

Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. These are the top ten brands that are manufacturing Daggers currently.


  1.  Boker Tree Brand Knives Daggers
  2. China Made Daggers
  3. Pakistan Cutlery Daggers
  4. Cold Steel Knives Brand Daggers
  5. Boker Tree Brand Knives Daggers
  6. Extrema Ratio Knives Brand Daggers
  7. China Made Daggers
  8. Elk Ridge Knives Brand Daggers
  9. Z-Hunter Knives Brand Daggers
  10. Uzi Knives Brand Daggers

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