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Dawson Knives

Since 1973, the Dawson family has been engaged in providing the finest hand-made custom knives and swords. They successfully deliver the most optimal knives as three generations of Dawson makers work together keeping up the quality in check. The knives are engineered in their workshop near Prescott, Arizona. The 3 generations of the Dawson family work enthusiastically and with equal passion to provide exceptional knife designs. The company was founded by Barry Dawson, who served in the US Army during the Vietnam war. Barry started making knives with no knowledge but extreme passion to design perfect tactical, hunting knives. In the beginning, he made knives and put Micarta handles on them. But, now with over 47 years of experience, Dawson Knives has grown into one of the most reliable knife brands in the USA.


All the knives offered by the brand are 100% made in the USA. The wide range of knives that the company designs include EDC pocket knives, hunting knives, bushcraft knives, custom fixed blades, battle-ready swords, and bowies. What makes Dawson knives stand out is the high-grade materials used in making blades, handles, swords, and the fact that each blade is hand-crafted. With each generation, the knives' design and quality have gone to the next level. The Dawson range of products is perfect for all your needs in tactical situations.


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The general misconception is that Arizona Copper finishes are painted on, but it is the color and texture of the raw steel itself. It was developed with months of experimentation with the heat-treat process. Cerakote is another durable and hardened ceramic coating that is used on Dawson blades to protect them from corrosion and keep the unique look intact. Most of the knives by the brand come with handcrafted, custom-fitted sheaths. Wherein, hybrid and Kydex pocket sheaths are the two ones. The sharpening systems that the experts recommend are work sharp sharpening system, diamond hone, and plain ol’ crock sticks to keep the edge in shape.


Dawson Knives Series

Dawson Angler Knife Series: Browse through this series if you are looking for a knife to make delicate work intuitive as the angler’s fine blade moves smoothly. These knives feature a Cerakote or Hamon finish blade that resists corrosion. A firm grip on the knife is ensured with the G10 handle that does not swell, split, warp, or cracks. This series of knives also feature thumb and finger rests provided for safe and secure handling. These knives are heat-treated to attain maximum toughness, durability, and edge-holding capability. Thus, these are the premium bird, trout, and small game knives.


Dawson Chief Knife Series: The handcrafted chief knives by Dawson are engineered with powder steel for strength and durability. The in-house heat treatment makes these knives tougher and provides the edge-holding capability. These knives are finished with Cerakote that protects the blade from corrosion. The textured G10 handle allows a firm and comfortable grip. These knives come fitted with leather plus Kydex sheath, so you can easily carry your knife on a belt or backpack. The thumb and finger rest are also provided for control and safe handling. Explore this series if you are looking for a reliable chopper or camp knife.


Dawson Deep Notch Knife Series: This collection includes easy-to-carry, razor-sharp drop point blade knives. The classic drop point blade and deep finger notch make these the most intuitive knives to use. These knives feature thumb and finger rests that are provided for added security. The technologically advanced powder steel construction ensures a long lifespan and strength. Moreover, the oven-hardened clear Cerakote keeps the steel blade free from corrosion.  The specter finish inspired by 1,000 years of Japanese sword-making highlights the dural hardness of the knives. These Dawson Deep Notch Knives or EDCs are perfect companions for hunting or any outdoor adventure.


Dawson Field Guide Knife Series: This range includes versatile, perfect for everyday carry, and compact game knives. These are perfect for slicing through boxes, cords, and bailing. The knives are heat-treated in-house for increased toughness, durability, and edge-holding capability. The standard overall size of the knives is 6.5’’ with a 2.38’’ carbon steel blade. In addition, you can easily carry them inside the pocket thanks to the all-weather Kydex sheath. The thumb and finger rest with the textured G10 handle ensures controlled and safe handling.


Dawson Handyman Knife Series: The handyman pocket knives are easy-to-carry blades with a razor-sharp edge and detailed point that tackles almost all the jobs. This little drop point collection features a flat head screwdriver that is built into the pommel for fast field adjustments. These knives can be easily worn in a Kydex sheath tucked inside a pocket. The CPM-3V steel is used for allowing knives to hold an edge up to 3x longer than D2. The knives get a complete look with an Arizona Copper finish. With the non-slip G10 handle the task can be performed in a controlled manner. These knives are preferred by hunting and outdoor adventure enthusiasts.


Dawson Huntsman Knife Series: As the name suggests, these knives are indeed a huntsman’s true companion. The solid, powder steel blades are high-durable, tough, and feature edge-holding capability. The perfect shape and weight of the blade with a razor-sharp edge make it a perfect choice for handling any challenging situation. These knives are heat treated for a hard edge and soft spine to ensure that the tough blade remains sharp for a longer period. The thumb and finger rest on the spine under the guard further provides safe handling.


Dawson Javalina Knife Series: The javalina hunting knife range includes knives that are crafted with a single solid piece of steel for additional strength and durability. These knives are made with CPM-3V steel and feature Cerakote finishing that protects the blade from corrosion. The included integral handguards provide hand protection and blade control. Whereas, the thumb ramp for choking up on the blade ensures better control when dressing game. The two-toned specter finish enhances the overall look of the knife. These modern mavericks with rounded pommel and notching on G10 handle rest comfortably in the hand.


Dawson Mojave Knife Series: This series includes modern clip-point field knives with extended tang. The mod drop point blades are made in the USA with supreme components for flexibility and strength. The copper-toned blade finish makes it unique. These knives feature handguards that maximize hand protection and blade control. The Cerakote finish protects the blades from rusting and increases their lifespan. These Arizona Copper finish knives are great for camping, slicing, and hefty enough for light chopping.


Dawson Pathfinder Knife Series: The Pathfinder by Dawson Knives is an all-around field and camping knife. This series includes plenty of pathfinder knives with heavy-duty drop point blades that have required heft for camp chores, chopping, shelter building, and game quartering. These blades are engineered with technologically advanced CPM-3V steel and feature a clear Cerakote finish. The deep finger choil and thumb ramp further ensure improved control. These come with a leather/Kydex hybrid sheath fitted to the blade for safe carry wear both horizontally and vertically.


Dawson Pequeno Knife Series: Your search for a versatile, reliable hunting or outdoor knife and EDC will surely end at the Dawson Pequeno. For maximum toughness, durability, and edge-holding capability, these knives are heat treated. The razor-sharp point blades flaunt a beautiful two-toned specter finish. The blades are coated with Cerakote to ensure that the blade offers resistance to corrosion for long life. These knives also feature a G10 handle that does not swell, split, warp, or crack. The versatile design allows users to carry it in either a pocket or belt.


Dawson Praetorian Knife Series: The gladius-inspired praetorian knives are handcrafted with 0.210’’ CPM-3V powder steel. These knives are appreciated for their ability to maintain sharpness, durability, and toughness. The heat treatment is what helps in maintaining the strength of the knife. These blades are protected from corrosion thanks to the Cerakote finish. Most of the knives from this series include a maple burl handle, polished Arizona Ironwood handle, or a textured G10 handle. The respective handles are overlaid with genuine black leather wrap. With a custom-fitted leather/ hybrid sheath you can easily carry your knife in a bag or backpack.


Dawson Raider Knife Series: The raider by the Dawson Knives is the workhorse of the brand's survival line. This series includes the best all-around field, rescue, backpacking, and survival knives. These knives have offset guards with thumb rests behind each that ensure security and control while doubling as bottle openers. The pommel is further shaped to a flat head adjustment tool, which is great for field adjustments. The drop point blades are excellent for shelter building, camp chores, and backpacking.


Relentless Sword Series: Explore this series for the finest quality modern samurai-style swords. All of the relentless swords from the series feature a full-length top bevel that strips away excess weight, provides balance and speed. The 0.210’’ COM-3V American-made powder steel is used for crafting these sword designs. This range of swords includes different handle designs such as a maple burl handle, polished Arizona Ironwood handle, or a textured G10 handle. These swords also feature forward thumb ramps, integral handguards, and Japanese interlocking wraps in synthetic silk.


Dawson Serengeti Knife Series: The Serengeti knife series includes classic drop point blades, which are one of the most versatile, multipurpose blade styles available. The compact size of the knives makes them ideal for everyday use. With the razor-sharp edge’s fine point, a precise cut is what you will get every time. The excellent grade handle makes the knives easier to grip along with the thumb and finger rest. Each of the knives comes with a custom-fitted black Kydex pocket sheath, which can be worn inside pants or coat pockets.


Dawson Snakebite Knife Series: The fine point and ample belly make the snakebite knives suitable for various everyday tasks such as skinning, caping, and dressing out the game. Most of the knives are made with 0.410’’ CPM-3V American-made powder steel. The heat treatment increases the strength, durability, and edge-holding capability of the knife. These slim and lightweight knives feature an all-weather Kydex sheath that is specifically designed for hassle-free inside-the-pocket carry. The modified sheepsfoot point has an extra belly for slicing and forward finger notches for improved control.


Dawson Warthog Knife Series: Go through this series for the finest grade Dawson Warthog, which is crafted with CPM-3V carbon steel for strength and durability. Some of the models have a lanyard hole through which you can pass a string and easily attach your knife to a backpack. The G10 handles allow a firm grip on the knife for tasks to be performed with precision and comfort. These outdoor knives feature Kydex and leather belt sheath for the ease of carrying the knife.


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