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We've worked with many great knife manufacturers over the years, but it's not often we meet a knifemaker that's done something truly different. Deejo Knives are inspired by the classic wood handle pocket knives of yore, but they stand in a class apart. Imagine an ultralight, ultrathin blade that is sharp enough for the chef's kitchen but tough enough to be your go-to EDC knife. Next, imagine that same knife is infinitely customizable, is available in a vast range of handle colors and finishes, and can even come with elaborate artwork tattooed across the blade. Now, combine those features with quality construction, no-nonsense design, and an affordable price point, and you have the world of Deejo Knives, available now at Knife Country USA.


Here's our criteria for choosing knife brands: Reputation and experience. We work with brands who are known in the marketplace for being conscious about maintaining a high level of quality. Well, the two nomadic founders of Deejo Knives started their company precisely because they were dissatisfied with the performance of the knives they encountered during their travels. Quality is literally at the forefront of every Deejo knife. And as for experience, we mean our own: We sell the knives we love, and we love working with these knives.

Light as a feather, strong as a sword.

You'd think that nothing this thin or light -- some Deejo knives weigh less than an ounce! -- could have the balance, durability, and overall toughness needed to serve as a quality hiking or camping knife, but Deejo's innovative, minimalist designs put maximum power into the exclusive curved blade while keeping the overall knife comfortable and easy to use. Unique alloys, mirror-finished steel, or titanium construction back up a chisel-ground blade and compact composition for a portable powerhouse that you can take -- and use -- anywhere. Go "heavy" with a Deejo 37g (1.3 oz.), "mid-range" with a Deejo 27g (0.9 oz.), or go all the way down to a is-it-even-there Deejo 15g (0.5 oz.). No matter how you play it, we guarantee you'll never look at another wood handle pocket knife the same.

Deejo Knives give you the freedom to choose.

Deejo Knives love to promote individuality, and so do we. Which is great, because Deejo Knives lets you experiment on everything. In terms of handles, you've got varieties like the Translucent Blue Lagoon Polycarbonate Front Handle, the Translucent White Polycarbonate Front Handle, the Rosewood Front Handle, the ever-popular Juniper Wood Front Handle, and the Granadilla Wood Front Handle, just to name a few.

You can also get down to basics and go au naturale with a Deejo Naked Knife that's stripped of all the flashy trimmings and trappings for an EDC that is 100% pure business.


Blade styles, colors, artwork, it's all up to you. Deejo believes that each knife it sells should be "a personal object, a part of us." To support that mission, we carry countless varieties of Deejo Knives here in our store, but if you've got something special in mind, we can step in and work it out for you. Just let us know what you need.


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