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Deejo Knives

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At Knife Country USA, we constantly update our list of knife manufacturers/makers. We choose brands that are conscious about maintaining a high level of quality. We prefer knife brands that have a reputation in the marketplace. One such contender, gaining popularity across the globe, is Deejo Knives.


Know Your Brand: Deejo Knives

For more than two decades, Deejo Knives have been liked by hiking enthusiasts and campers all across the globe. Except for the traditional-design knives, most of Deejo Knives are popular for their durability and an easy to use format. Some features about Deejo Knives that you should know have been listed below:

  • Lightweight Deejo Knives feature an exceptionally thin blade.

  • You can buy them in eight brilliant color combinations.

  • Deejo Wood Knives are veneered in warm wooden finishes.

  • The impressive curve design of such ultra-light knives is the hallmark of their exclusivity.

  • Deejo Naked Knives are ultra-light knives, free from flashy trimmings and trappings. 


Get the Freedom to Choose with Deejo Knives

You can experiment in terms of handles too at Deejo Knives, ranging from Translucent Blue Lagoon Polycarbonate Front Handle, No Front Handle, Translucent White Polycarbonate Front Handle Rosewood Front Handle, Juniper Wood Front Handle and Granadilla Wood Front Handle, to name a few.


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We are a popular online store, selling the most popular outdoor and survival goods, including accessories. To ensure you get the best deals, we handpick our range of knives. The idea is to get you best deals, where quality meets affordability. Deejo Knives is one of our current favorites.

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