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Lion Gino Pauletta fell in love with a made in USA pocket knife instantly while strolling with his wife cesarina in Milan and bought it without a second thought. Gino then replicated the masterpiece with a touch of Maniago, Italy, and laid the cornerstone of Lion Steel Knives in 1969. With Gino’s passion for unique Knife Design, the company has been setting new benchmarks ever since. The brand has been appreciated for its designs at various blade shows. A lot of globally renowned awards have been won by the brand from Best Manufacturing Quality Award, Overall Knife in 2014 to Overall Knife of the Year 2016, nothing is stopping this knife manufacturing company. The irony is that Gino has never been to America, but that day in Milan, America found him.


Gino, being a stubborn craftsman who loves staying at his workshop, now avoids going out to shows for receiving awards. He spends most of his time now in the factory, designing new Knife Tools. Now he has passed on the baton to his sons: Daniele, Gianni, and Massimo. Under his guidance and the support from his sons, the brand has flourished even more over the years. Apart from manufacturing outstanding hunting knives, classic knives, wood knives, you can even get a gorgeous custom piece from Lion Steel. Designed with the latest technologies from quality knives, they provide highly reliable and durable tools. What makes a typical Lion Steel Knife stand out is the exceptional fit, finish, and quality.


More About the King of Solid Knives

LionSteel Knives are designed and manufactured in Italy with the perfect mix of experience and innovation for creating ultimate knives. The knife material is picked carefully by considering hardness and elasticity balance. Due to support from a certified third party, there is no heat treatment equipment inside their facility. The blade production is done with great speed all thanks to the 3D design, water jet cutting, and laser cutting. With the blend of traditional style and innovations, knife making at Lion Steel facility is nothing less than magic. The ultra-light TiDust model with openwork made by selective melting titanium powder is one big example of how the brand still strives to provide the most unique designs. This TiDust model is one of its kind in the world as it is made using aerospace technology.


Lion Steel cutlery company makes modern knives with modern equipment and patterns that feel traditional. Many of its knives are decorated with typical grooves in the handles created with CNC lathes. A variety of knife-making materials are used including titanium, micarta, and luxurious wood types. The RotoBlock System technique is used for transforming pocket knives into fixed knives. The company works with about 20 specialized workers and is present in 34 countries. SOLID Knife technology, Lionsteel heralds a new era in the utility knife production process. The knife handles are made of a single piece for a hard-wearing and sturdy knife handle. Keep the locking area of your knife clean to avoid locking mechanism malfunction. For extra sharpness, the blades are made of a high percentage of carbon and protect it by frequently cleaning by putting a light coat of protective oil on the blade. A meticulous check over product quality ensures that each of the products by the brand matches quality standards.


Product Categories by Lion Steel

Lion Steel Fixed Blade Knives: Created with expert craftsmanship and high-grade materials, a Fixed Blade Knife by Lion Steel is ideal for kitchen use and combat. The stainless steel blades resist corrosion and have a longer lifespan. This product line has fixed blades available with different types of handle materials such as wood, aluminum, and micarta. These knives feature a full tang blade with a handle riveted on the blunt end. The full-tang blades further offer more strength while making a tough cut.


Lion Steel Folding Pocket Knives: Lion Steel Folding Pocket Knives series feature folding pocket knives that are designed for dozens of applications and can be used as hunting knives, survival knives, and combat knives. The D2 tool steel used for the construction of these blades is corrosion resistant and is known for delivering the finest performance. Durable materials like olive wood and Santos wood used for the construction of the handles of these knives ensure protection as well as a comfortable grip during usage. The knives can be quickly and easily retrieved during tactical situations because of the smart features integrated into them. The leather lanyard helps in tying the knives on your neck, wrist, or on the hook of your bag-pack. For easy carry and storage, these knives have pocket clips.


Lion Steel Kitchen Steak Knives: The Italian knife brand offers some of the best kitchen knives that are highly preferred by chefs and culinary students. Explore the series for steak knives, sharp table knives that feature non-serrated blades, and wooden handles. The knives are made from high-quality half tang stainless-steel blades for precise and accurate cuts. Strong and durable, the knives are stable and easy to use. These knives have contoured olive wood handles that maximize durability and stress tolerance. The ergonomic handles reduce hand fatigue for better cutting. The handles bear double rivets for superior Japanese strength and unmatchable kitchenware durability. These knives are specially designed for slicing tasks, particularly meat.  The half tang provides additional strength, balance, and control for precise cutting with added safety and stability. These knives look great among your pots, pans, utensils, silverware, and kitchen décor. These knives are perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, housewarming, and Thanksgiving.


Lion Steel Accessories: Apart from quality knives, Lion Steel Knives also manufactures a range of accessories for its customers. These include keyrings with Torx bits, a keychain container with 2 dice, and money clips made of titanium, a combination of titanium and wood, and a combination of titanium and Damascus pearl. Each of the above products is designed keeping in mind the quality, style, and functionality. All these stainless steel accessories are made in Italy with expert craftsmanship.


Lion Steel Linerlock Pocket Knives: Among the various blade locking mechanisms used in foldable pocket knives, the linerlock mechanism tops the popularity chart. A knife with a linerlock mechanism has a side-spring lock that can be opened and closed with one hand without repositioning the knife in the hand. When you push the thrust ball bearing, the spring lock is released and the blade can be opened. A separate liner in the tang is utilized by the locking mechanism to rest the blade when not in use.


Lion Steel Lockback Pocket Knives: Many classic American folding knives make use of the lockback mechanism. This locking mechanism uses a “spine” on a spring that gets locked into a notch present on the back of the blade when you open the knife. You need to push the exposed part of the knife spine, present in the middle or rear, to disengage the lock and close the knife. The lockback pocket knife Italian design is strong enough for use in any condition and light enough to be carried with ease. With a stainless steel pocket clip, the knife can be easily carried in your pocket and accessed easily.


Lion Steel Speciality Lock Pocket Knives: The knives included in the Specialty Lock Pocket Knives series by Lion Steel Knives are foldable pocket knives. Knives employing special locking mechanisms like TOL - Tactical Operation Lock system, and the O.C.S. (Open and Close Security System) blade locking systems are included in the series. These knives have a compact and lightweight construction so that you can carry them in your pants or shirt pockets.


Lion Steel Knife Product Series

Lion Steel B35 Knife Series: Designed by Molletta, these B35 knives are provided with double seam leather sheaths. B35 Knife design by Lion Steel is a fixed steel blade crafted for mountain hikers and camp usage. The limited dimensions make it easy to wear while maintaining its bushcraft knife features. Equipped with a Sleipner steel blade, knives from this series ensure high endurance sharpening. The ergonomic handle allows you to hold it in both directions - with your thumb either towards the blade or towards the end of the knife. The handle comes in different designs including olive wood, walnut wood, Santos wood, black G10, and green canvas.

Lion Steel B40 Bushman Knife Series: A B40 Bushman Knife is a Sleipner steel tool that provides great stability and cutting durability. With a full-fitting leather sheath, safe wearing is ensured. These bushman knives by Lion Steel stand out with the wide bevels of the Santos wood handle and discreet handguard. While the large lanyard hole and uncovered tang ending enhance the versatility. These Italian designer knives are available with different handle designs such as green canvas micarta, black G10, orange G10, Santos wood, and olive wood.


Lion Steel B41 Bushcraft Knife Series: B41 Knives was designed by Molletta for survival in challenging situations with a classic style that stands out. These survival knives can be handled by anybody as they are lightweight, compact, and feature a versatile, durable spear point blade. You can use a B41 Bushcraft Knife in tandem to light a fire with fire steel. Sleipner stainless steel blade comes in handy for wood carving as well. The milled handle scales offer a firm grip and can be easily removed for cleaning. A B41 is provided with a leather sheath that ensures excellent retention on your hip. The handle is further available in Santos wood, olive wood, micarta, and G10 versions.


Lion Steel Bestman BM1-BM2 Knife Series: Lion Steel offers one of the best traditional modern knives with slip-joint BestMan. This non-locking knife features a Bohler M390 stainless steel blade with a satin finish. Built with impressive titanium liners and dual titanium bolsters for optimal performance. Dual nail nicks further provide an ambidextrous folder for a peerless fit and finish. This series includes single and double blade models with different handle options such as carbon fiber, ebony or olive wood, Santos, green or natural micarta.


Lion Steel Daghetta Knife Series: The Daghetta knives by Lion Steel Knives are foldable pocket knives that feature the TOL - Tactical Operation Lock system. The TOL blade locking system allows the blade to open with one hand and gives the option of blocking the blade in an open position for the user’s safety and convenience. The blade of these knives is made of D2 stainless steel with a satin or PTFE finish. These knives are available in a variety of handles: flat G10, black 3D aluminum, and 3D Carbon Fiber.


Lion Steel Damascus Knife Series: Damascus Knife has reduced dimensions, which makes it light and yet reliable for everyday use. The mini knives from the series are the smallest E.D.C Knives available in the market. Stainless Damascus Steel Blades are in the scrambled pattern. The liner lock blade locking system feature makes these knives even more durable and reliable companions for your everyday activities. The handle is provided with scales made of ram horn, olive wood, or Santos wood.


Lion Steel Gitano Knife Series: Inspired by the Southern Europe knife designs, Gitano Knife by Lion Steel is an everyday carry slip joint with elegant lines. It is Gudy van Poppel and Tools design. Made with Niolox stainless steel with a satin finish, the blades feature a 6AIV4V titanium liner and bolsters. The scales are further available in green canvas, olive wood, Santos wood, carbon fiber, and black G10. With its reduced weight, this knife comes in handy and is perfect for almost every situation.


Lion Steel Hunter Knife Series: The knives in the Hunter Knife Series are designed for tough usage. These fixed blade knives feature wide design blades made of stainless steel of various grades. Handles are riveted on the blunt side of the full tang blade and feature a lanyard hole at the end. You can carry these stainless knives with you on an outdoor adventure or use them for everyday purposes.


Lion Steel Jack Knife Series: Jack is a modernized traditional folding pocket knife. This pocket knife has an M390 sintered steel clip blade that is tough and durable. Available in a variety of variations, equipped with titanium bolsters and liners. The scale options available are black G10, carbon fiber, green canvas, Santos wood, and olive wood. Lion Steel delivers this compact, reliable knife in cardboard box packaging.


Lion Steel KUR Knife Series: The knives included in the KUR series by Lion Steel are foldable pocket knives with a linerlock blade locking mechanism. The blade of these knives is made from Sleipner stainless steel and has drop point construction with a flipper for convenient opening and closing. IKBS ball-bearing system is also employed in the system for quick opening of the blade. You can choose from the various handle options available for KUR knives.


Lion Steel Lionbeat Knife Series: The knives in the Lionbeat series by Lion Steel Knives are produced as small accessories belonging to the SolidKnife family. It is an all-around object that can be used as a necklace pendant, a keychain, or as an accessory for a purse. The handle of LionSteel LionBeat Keychain Knives is a unique piece of natural material to which the blade is attached. The AISI 440 stainless steel blade has a heart-shaped carving. This foldable knife resembles the heart shape when the blade is closed.


Lion Steel M1 Knife Series: The M1 series knives by Lion Steel Knives are produced for tackling a range of usage scenarios. These are fixed blade knives featuring an M390 stainless steel full tang blade. The blade has a drop point construct with a standard edge. These knives are available in wood and G-10 handle variants. The handle of these knives features a lanyard hole. A lanyard cord with a titanium bead comes attached to these knives.


Lion Steel M4 Knife Series: The M4 series knives by Lion Steel Knives are fixed blade knives that can be perfect for your mountain hikes. These knives feature a full tang M390 satin-finished steel blade with a 95 mm long edge. The handle of these knives is designed to allow the user to use the knife in both straight and backward positions. The M4 is available in olive, cocobolo, walnut, and G10 handle variants. A brown leather sheath with double seam comes included with M4 series knives. This Bushcraft Fixed Blade is ideal for bushcraft, wilderness survival, outdoor cooking, camping, and various other chores. The double-stitched leather sheath with a snap enclosure allows it to be carried inside a bag or on your belt.


Lion Steel M5 Knife Series: The LionSteel M5 fixed blade knife has been created as an attempt to produce an all-around knife that can be easily carried and handled. There are four knives included in the series, three out of which have a satin-finished blade, while the last one has a PVD-coated and “stone-washed” treated blade. The blade of these knives has a drop point design. Sleipner Knife is available in three handle versions: black G10, Santos wood, and olive wood.


Lion Steel M7 Knife Series: M7 is a Lionsteel Fixed Blade completed with an elegant Kydex sheath. Its ergonomic design, durability, versatility, and functionality make this knife stand out. Extreme handiness and large dimensions resist dissimilar uses, including batoning and chopping. Made with SOLID knife technology, the handles are robust and allow for a secure and tight grip. It is an easy to sharpen knife all thanks to the Sleipner steel blade. Supplied with Kydex sheath with a Cordura lining and a joined belt loop using MOLLE system for firm wearability. You can further use this sporting knife for cutting branches and to tackle challenging excursions.


Lion Steel Mini Knife Series: The knives in the Mini knife series by Lion Steel include foldable pocket knives with a linerlock blade locking mechanism. These knives are available in titanium bolster and full handle variants. The blade of these knives is made from D2 tool steel and features a drop point construct with dual thumb studs. These knives are compact, allowing you to carry them in shirt or pant pockets. The handle of these knives has a lanyard hole that comes attached to a leather lanyard.


Lion Steel Molletta Knife Series: The knives included in the Molletta series are some of the heavy-duty foldable pocket knives available in the market. These knives feature the unique RotoBlock system that allows turning a pivoting button or ''lockbar stabilizer'' to convert the knife into a fixed blade one. These heavy-duty knives are available in a wide range of colors to choose from.


Lion Steel Money Clip Series: Money Clip by Lion Steel is a sturdy, strong, and elegant tool for carrying money. For a strong exterior, its frame is made from 6AI4V titanium and provided with a stainless hardened steel clip. Lionsteel supplies it in a sophisticated wooden box. The inserts on the frame are further available in different materials: carbon fiber, ram horn, brierwood, pearl, and olive wood. You can carry your bills and credit cards with style in a Money Clip Wallet.


Lion Steel Myto Knife Series: Myto is a hi-tech folding knife with a satin-finished M390 sintered steel blade. The knives feature a removable flipper system and a SOLID titanium clip. EDC folding knives are compact and easily fit in pockets allowing easy access for use in everyday activities. Designed by known knife-maker Pensato Michele, it is an aesthetically pleasing knife design. Some of the features that make this series of knives popular are the removable flipper tab, slim pocket clip, tungsten carbide glass breaker, and lanyard hole.


Lion Steel Nyala Series Pens: Nyala is a series of luxury pens manufactured by Lion Steel. The body of these pens is entirely made of titanium. You get to choose between the insert choices of Super Dense Twist Damascus (by Damasteel) or in carbon fiber. These pens feature a twist pen mechanic, with a space refill that is manufactured by Fisher, Space Pen PR4. You can choose between the available colors of grey shine, blue shine, bronze shine, blue matte.


Lion Steel Opera Knife Series: The knives included in the Opera series by Lion Steel are foldable pocket knives featuring the classic lock-back system. This category is further divided into the classic version with European style, the US version to cater to the requirements of the American market, and the top version with blades in Damascus steel. The blade of these knives is made from D2 steel featuring a razor grind and satin finish.


Lion Steel ROK Knife Series: ROK by LionSteel is an E.D.C folding knife that features a SOLID handle, frame lock blocking system, and Rotoblock safety system. This titanium knife is ideal for daily use as it's both reliable and convenient to use. The handle is made from 6AI4V grey titanium and has a light-blue clip. The M390 stainless sintered blade allows for durable sharpening. The hardened steel at the end of the locking bar prevents the frame from getting damaged. You can also remove the M390 sintered steel flipper with the supplied key.


Lion Steel SR11 Knife Series: The knives included in the SR11 series by Lion Steel are foldable pocket knives with a framelock blade locking mechanism. These knives use Sleipner tool steel drop point blades with drop point construction. Flipper opening with the ball-bearing system and two ball-bearing for facilitating the opening and closing of the blade are featured in this SR11 Knife collection. The Rotoblock system employed in these knives blocks the frame in the open position so that you can use these knives as a fixed blade knife. A tungsten carbide window breaker is also featured at the end of the knife handle.


Lion Steel SR22 Knife Series: SR22 series includes compact, strong, and highly pocket technological knives. The Sleipner steel blade is available in both satin and black finish. Frame lock blade locking system with Rotoblock security system completes the flipper. The knife opens and closes smoothly with the IKBS ball-bearing system. For a comfortable grip handle, Lion Steel makes it from a 4D machined unique piece of Ergal aluminum and is available in orange, red, and black colors.


Lion Steel T5 Knife Series: Knives included in the T5 series by Lion Steel are fixed blade knives with a full tang blade made using Niolox steel. These knives are available in black and satin finish blades featuring a drop point construct. These Solid knives have micarta handles and come with a black leather belt sheath. The full tang blade of these knives offers better leverage than the foldable pocket knives for making a tough cut.


Lion Steel T7 Knife Series: Made in Italy, the T7 series is a fixed blade knife collection. For high strength and durability, the blades are made with the finest quality Sleipner steel. A Kydex and nylon belt sheath with a black cord lanyard makes it easy to carry and access. Most of the knives from this series feature a micarta handle with an integrated guard.


Lion Steel Thrill Slip Joint Knife Series: This new knife series is a result of the integration of ROK design with high-performance traditional slip joint folding knives. Bohler M390 stainless steel blades offer excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention. The knife features a solid bronze ano titanium handle and a low-profile H.WAYL pocket clip. The LionSTEEL Thrill provides maximum ergonomic performance as the clip is flushed with the handle.


Lion Steel TiSpine Knife Series: Manufactured with SOLID knife technology, TiSpine is an Everyday Carry (E.D.C.) folding knife with limited dimensions. This TS1 titanium by LionSteel is equipped with an M390 sintered steel blade with satin finishing and a frame lock blade locking system. The handles are available in matte and shiny versions. The 4D machined handle is made from a piece of 6AI4V titanium. TiSpine Knife has curvy lines that provide a comfortable grip and a stainless steel clip.


Lion Steel TM1 Knife Series: The knives in the TM1 series from Lion Steel include the foldable versions of the SOLID SR1 and TiSpine models. These knives feature the double spring lock back mechanism for improved durability of the locking system. The handle of these TM1 knives has a monolithic one-piece construction and is available in Micarta and carbon fiber variants. These satin Sleipner steel blades are fitted with a glass breaker and a tungsten carbide point. The blade of these knives is made of Sleipner 60-61 HRC steel and is available in satin or black finish.


Lion Steel TRE Knife Series: The knives included in the T.R.E. series by Lion Steel feature the Titanium Frame Lock system. This patented system also offers you the option to screw or unscrew the Flipper from the blade and carry the knife with or without it. For a fast opening action, the IKBS ball-bearing pivot system is employed in these knives. You can take your pick from the available titanium and carbon fiber handle variants. These LionSteel TRE knives use M390 steel blades and are shipped in an attractive wooden box that also includes a keychain with both Torx T6 and Torx T8 bits.


Check Lion Steel Knife Warranty Details

Every Lion Steel Knives product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Lion Steel Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Lion Steel Knives product that is defective. Since Lion Steel KnivesLion Steel Knives will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Lion Steel Knives will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.


Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

Lion Steel Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.


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