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Lion Steel L.E.ONE Karambit Knives by Lion-Steel Knives

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The Solid Karambit knives created in cooperation with Emerson Design are known as the L.E.One, which stands for LionSteel-Emerson ONE. While the blades in these knives are composed of CPM-MagnaCut steel, the solid frame-lock handles, which are already a distinguishing feature of LionSteel, are milled out of a solid piece of Ergal aluminum and are available in black, red, green, or earth brown colors.

The additional built-in capabilities improve the usability and security of these knives while giving the final user flexibility over how to utilize them. The users can select how to use these knives with the REF (Removable Flipper system) feature. If the user decides not to use the flipper they can unscrew them with a Torx wrench and insert the second "cap" screw, which exactly fits the hole in the bottom of the blades. The handles are made of aluminum which provides them with ergonomic lightness. The exclusive Wave Feature When Ernest Emerson observed that knives will self-deploy when retrieved from your pocket with the proper motion, he invented the Emerson Wave Feature. With these tools, users can physically take the knife out of their pocket and open it. As a result, every Emerson Knifein the series is equipped with the remote pocket opening technology that is the quicksilver of knives. Your knife opens as it rises into your hand, opening more quickly than an automatic and being ready for use.

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