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Lion Steel M3 Hunting Knives by Lion-Steel Knives

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Italy is the ideal location for the design and production of LionSteel Blades, which combines experience and creativity to produce the finest knives. The balance between hardness and suppleness is taken into consideration when choosing the knife material. A recognized third party supports the absence of heat treatment systems inside their facility. The use of 3D design, laser cutting, and water jet cutting has greatly accelerated the production of blades. Knife manufacturing at the Lion Steel factory is nothing short of magic with its fusion of classic design and advancements. These knives have 3D contoured superior canvas scales with a light diagonal ridge pattern. These knives' Niolox steel blades offer a broad profile, full-flat ground bevels, a simple cutting edge, and a gorgeous glossy finish. Knives for hunting or camping should be made of stainless steel called Niolox. Stainless steel with good hardness and edge-holding ability. Niobium, an extremely potent carbide forming, is a component that gives this material its high level of wear resistance. The handles of the M3 knives also have lanyard holes. When not in use, a nylon sheath keeps them safe. The nylon sheath serves as protection for them against the elements because it is water and moisture-resistant.


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