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With the ideal blend of expertise and creativity, LionSteel Knives are designed and produced in Italy to provide the best knives. The hardness and elasticity balance are taken into consideration when choosing the knife material. The Lion Steel cutlery firm produces contemporary knives using cutting-edge technology and patterns with a vintage feel. Numerous of its knives have typical grooves in the handles made using CNC lathes as decorations. Materials used to make knives include titanium, micarta, and expensive wood varieties. There is no heat treatment equipment inside their facility, thanks to assistance from a recognized third party. Blade manufacture is completed, thanks to the 3D design, water jet cutting, and laser cutting quickly.


The Nano framelock knives feature satin finish MagnaCut steel blades for a better cutting and slicing experience. CPM MagnaCut is a high-quality stainless steel for blades. MagnaCut's high toughness, high wear resistance, and high corrosion resistance are its key selling qualities. Numerous knife steels choose to compromise, such as increasing toughness at the expense of wear resistance. The Nano knives feature sturdy micarta handles, giving them better operational balance. A thermoset material called mica can withstand temperature fluctuations, moisture, and aging without becoming brittle. Micarta is a rigid material that produces long-lasting knife handles.


The Nano knives also feature reversible titanium pocket clips, which are sturdy and can be used from both sides. The double ball bearing system for quick opening and deployment.



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