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Lion Steel Eggie Tools by Lion-Steel Knives

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The titanium Lion Steel Eggie multi-tool, created in partnership with "Audacious Concept Design" and equipped with 6 tools and screwdriver bits in addition to a magnetic bit holder in the middle, is built by the knifemaker.

The keychains have anodized titanium construction which gives them an excellent lightweight feel. The tools included with the keychain have durable stainless steel construction. The knife blades, a slotted screwdriver bit, four sizes of Torx driver bits, and a tungsten carbide tip are all included in the bit loadout. Knife blades, slotted screwdriver bits, four different sizes of Torx driver bits, and tungsten carbide tips are all included in the Lion Steel Eggie Tools. The Torx bit tips are located on the opposite end of the double-ended slotted screwdriver bits. There are therefore two tool knives with carbide tips, five different types and sizes of screwdriver bits, as well as fixed bit holders.

The opposing end of the slotted screwdriver bits, which are double-ended, is shared with a Torx bit tip. So, in addition to the fixed bit holder, there are two tools (a knife and a screwdriver bit with a carbide tip). The stainless steel bits of the Lion Steel Eggie Tools are made to last.

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