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Lion Steel SR11 Knife Series by Lion-Steel Knives

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Discover the Lion Steel SR11 Knife Series at Knife Country USA


Enter the realm of precision, durability, and style with the Lion Steel SR11 Knife Series, now featured at Knife Country USA. Our curated selection from this renowned Italian manufacturer offers enthusiasts an opportunity to own a piece of expert craftsmanship that blends functionality with sleek design.


Lion Steel SR11 Knife Series – A Cut Above the Rest


Crafted in the heart of Italy, the Lion Steel SR11 Knife Series stands as a testament to the legacy of Lion Steel - a brand synonymous with innovation and quality. Each knife in this series sports a robust Sleipner tool steel drop point blade, known for its high wear resistance and ability to maintain a sharp edge. Whether you're outdoors braving the wild or in the urban jungle needing a reliable tool, the SR11 series promises a knife that won't let you down.


Versatile Designs for Every Enthusiast


The SR11 series comes in a variety of models to suit any preference:


  • Lion Steel SR11B - A bronze textured titanium handle paired with a satin finish blade.
  • Lion Steel SR11G - The elegance of gray titanium meets the sleekness of satin finish steel.
  • Lion Steel SR11ABB - For those who prefer the understated cool of black oxide on both blade and handle.
  • Lion Steel SR11ABS - Satin finish blade with a black textured handle combines practicality with style.
  • Lion Steel SR11AOB - A striking orange handle makes this knife a standout piece.
  • Lion Steel SR11AOS - Bright and bold, the orange aluminum handle is for those who dare to be different.
  • Lion Steel SR11ARB - Red textured aluminum handle for a flash of color on a robust knife.
  • Lion Steel SR11ARS - The allure of red aluminum paired with a satin finish blade for the discerning collector.


Not Just a Knife, But a Survival Tool


These knives aren't just cutting tools; they're survival companions. The extended tang, glass breaker, and lanyard hole ensure you're prepared for any scenario, while the pocket clip makes for easy carry. Housed in a black leather sheath and boxed, any knife from the SR11 series makes for an exquisite gift or collection centerpiece.


Why Choose Lion Steel SR11 from Knife Country USA?


At Knife Country USA, we understand the passion behind collecting and using high-quality knives. That's why we've partnered with Lion Steel to bring you a series that reflects both our commitment to excellence and your high standards. Enjoy swift navigation on our website, detailed descriptions, and clear images that ensure you choose the perfect knife for your needs.

Join the ranks of those who know the value of a premium blade. Explore the Lion Steel SR11 Knife Series at Knife Country USA, where your search for the ultimate knife meets our promise of unmatched quality.

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