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Lion Steel T6 Knife Series by Lion-Steel Knives

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The Lion Steel T6 knives are the final member of the fixed blade family, and in terms of dimensions, they lie between the M7 and the T5. These are the best knives for any tactical circumstance and camp setting, making them the ideal travel companion. The T6 knives have a robust Bohler K-490 steel blade and solid handle that was milled from a Canvas micarta block to provide a secure grip. However, these micarta handles which are extra tough and have a high-quality ergonomic feel in the Bohler K-490 steel in the knives give them toughness and be useful even on the most rigid surfaces. Molletta's T6 knives have an aggressive profile and are therefore especially suggested when sturdy, secure, and manageable tactical instruments are required. T6 knives are offered with a satin-finished or "Old Black" treated blade and come with a Kydex holster made of reversible Cordura with an M.o.l.l.e. system for safe and simple carrying. The sheath protects these knives against other external factors that might compromise their quality over time. Made in Italy, these fixed blade knives come in different colors, such as black and green.

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