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Lion Steel ROK Knife Series by Lion-Steel Knives

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The LionSteel ROK Knife Series consists of knives built with their innovative integral frame lock the H.WAYL System. The Hide What you don’t like the system is a LionSteel patent that creates a spring-loaded retractable pocket clip. It is a system that hides the clip of the knife inside the handle when not in use. The ROK knife is reliable and comfortable to use. It is best suited for everyday carrying EDC use. The knife is available in either a titanium handle or an aluminum handle. The Rotoblock safety system is used in the handle along with SOLID technology that enhances its longevity and functionality. The solid Bohler N690 steel blade amplifies its utility by leaps and bounds. Another distinguishing factor about the ROK series is the use of new and updated NFC technology in the case box. Under this technology, all the care instructions, details about how it was built, or general information regarding LionSteel can be found by scanning the NFC chip on the box.

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