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Lion Steel M2 Knife Series by Lion-Steel Knives

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LionSteel Knives are created and made in Italy using a unique combination of knowledge and innovation to create the best knives possible. The knife material is chosen with care, taking into account the hardness and elasticity balance. Look around for the Lion Steel M2 Knife Series! The M2 is a small fixed blade knife intended for bushcrafting and survival in the woods. LionSteel and the renowned Italian Knife Forum MCKF collaborated to create this fixed blade knife. The comfortable handle works well in both forward and backward grips, making it ideal for mountain treks and other outdoor activities. The broad D2 tool steel edge of the M2 will provide you with incredible cutting power and a deadly tip. It has a Torx T8 bit closure system made of stainless steel, superbly crafted black G10 grips, and a tough black nylon sheath. This knife's workmanship is exceptional, and it will serve you well for many years to come!

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