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Content: Welcome to the dedicated hub of Join or Die Knives, where timeless craftsmanship meets rugged American spirit. Knife Country USA is proud to present an exclusive collection of Join or Die Knives, each piece resonating with the echo of American heritage and the unwavering spirit of survival.


Uncompromising Quality with Every Blade

Join or Die Knives are more than just cutting tools; they are a symbol of American resilience and determination. Crafted for the adventurer, the survivalist, and the patriot, these knives stand as a testament to what it means to bear a blade of significance and utility.


Ace Dagger - The Ultimate Companion for the Brave Meet the Join or Die Ace Dagger (JODADHCOG), a 6.50" marvel of engineering. Its 2.50" Nitro-V stainless dagger blade is precision-forged for strength and durability. Wrapped in a green micarta handle with an orange G10 liner, this dagger isn't just a tool; it's a statement. The accompanying Kydex sheath ensures that your Ace Dagger is always at the ready.


Bushcraft Fixed Blade - Your Survival Signature Embrace the wild with the Join or Die Bushcraft Fixed Blade (JODBCHCOG), an 8.75" embodiment of versatility. The 3.75" stonewashed 80CRV2 high carbon steel blade is designed to withstand the most challenging conditions. Coupled with a green micarta handle, accented by an orange G10 liner and .22 shell casing rivet, it’s a knife that ensures your readiness for any outdoor endeavor.


Bird & Trout Fixed Blade - Precision in Nature's Hands For the angler and hunter, the Join or Die Bird & Trout Fixed Blade (JODBTSSOG) offers unmatched precision. With a 6.50" overall length and a 2.50" Nitro-V stainless blade, it is the perfect partner for delicate and detailed work in the wild. Its green micarta handle provides a steady grip, while the leather sheath adds a touch of classic style and practicality.


Fieldmate Fixed Blade - Dependable in Every Endeavor The outdoorsman's companion, the Join or Die Fieldmate Fixed Blade (JODFMSSOG), stands ready. At 6.50" overall with a 2.50" Nitro-V stainless drop point blade, it’s built for those who demand reliability and function wrapped in one. The green micarta handle ensures a confident grip with every task.


Snek Fixed Blade - Sleek, Sharp, and Straightforward Simplicity meets efficacy with the Join or Die Snek Fixed Blade (JODSKSS). This 6.50" knife features a 2.50" Nitro-V stainless dagger blade with a skeletonized handle for a lightweight yet formidable edge. It’s your go-to for quick access and efficient use, complemented by a sleek Kydex sheath.


Snake Oil - Protection Meets Nature Not just knives, Join or Die also offers Snake Oil (JODSO2O), an organic solution for maintaining your blade’s glory. This conditioning and protective coating keeps your knife’s metal and wood components in peak condition, ensuring your blade is always ready for the next challenge.


Join a Legacy of Excellence Knife Country USA invites you to experience the rugged beauty and unwavering quality of Join or Die Knives. Each knife carries a piece of history, a dedication to craftsmanship, and a commitment to enduring performance.


Dive into the world of Join or Die Knives at Knife Country USA – where every knife tells a story of American grit and mastery. Shop the collection now.

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