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HexFlex Multi-Tools

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HexFlex is a popular name when it comes to everyday carry multi-tools. Originally designed to be used as a snowboarding tool, it can be taken to all kinds of outdoor adventures such as mountain climbing, camping, biking, fishing, and trekking. This pocket tool is carried by users on their key chains as a hands-on tool. This clever and well-designed tool is a result of the Kickstarter project, keeping you on and off the mountains. Used both for EDC and emergency tasks, this multi-tool holds 15 tools including Phillips screwdrivers, flathead screwdriver, hex drivers, box cutter, wrench, and a bottle opener.


As a prominent name in manufacturing tools with multiple functionalities, HexFlex comes in a compact size with just 2 inches of diameter and 1.1-ounce weight. It can be easily carried in pockets, toolbox, backpacks, and even in your wallet. This tool is developed after considering all the important aspects of design, size, weight, and utility. Lightweight and portable, it is the ultimate adventure tool to be carried on all kinds of outdoor escapades.


Unique Snowflake Design

The snowflake design of this multi-utility tool with 15 gears fitted into a small frame. With a shape similar to that of a Chinese throwing star, this tool is popular as a great gift for DIY enthusiasts and Secret Santa. This pocket tool is available in a variety of material construction, finish, and shades to choose from. Pick stainless steel, black oxide, or titanium tool in plain, single, multi or camo shades. 15 different tools including wrenches, drivers, bottle opener, and screwdrivers are cleverly integrated into this snowflake-shaped design. A keychain attachment is provided, allowing you to carry it around everywhere you go.


Smartly designed HexFlex multi-tool allows you to fix most types of equipment fixing tasks while you are on mountains, plains, in slopes, or even in the middle of an ocean. Durable construction and oxidized finish of this tool adds to the longevity and allows easy handling. Stylish yet functional, this small and sturdy tool can be used with muddy, oily, wet, and even without removing the gloves.


HexFlex Multi-Tool Range

HexFlex offers a range of uni-body multi-tools that keep up with you on and off the mountain. Explore the different HexFlex pocket tools, standard and metric types available in steel, titanium, and black anodized construction to choose from. The company also customized tool service with the finish and color of your choice.


HexFlex Adventure Multi Tool Standard: This 15-in-1 HexFlex tool features an incredible structure which has proven worth in every situation. This tool includes a Flathead Screwdriver, #3 Phillips Screwdriver, #2 Phillips Screwdriver, 4mm Allen Wrench, 5mm Allen Wrench, 6mm Allen Wrench, Box Cutter, ¼ inches End Wrench, 5/16 inches End Wrench, 10mm End Wrench, 7/16 inches End Wrench, Bottle Opener, 12mm End Wrench, ½ inches End Wrench, and a 9/16 inches End Wrench. It is useful for so many other handy tasks, much more than tightening and bindings.


HexFlex Adventure Multi Tool Metric: Highly functional HexFlex metric tool keeps you prepared for small jobs in your daily life. This tool is outfitted with different types of screwdrivers, hex drivers, wrenches, bottle opener, box cutter, and many more, allowing travelers, workers, and bikers to make quick adjustments and fixings. This multi-purpose tool is also appropriate to perform a multitude of quick jobs at home. It comes in several color options to pick the desired one.


HexFlex Tools Warranty Policy

Every HexFlex product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship. The company will repair or replace the defected products with a new item provided that it has manufacturing defects. However, defects arising from improper use, dismantling, alteration, and general wear & tear can be only repaired with due charges. Some products which cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts can also be replaced at buyers’ consent. In these situations, the company will replace the defected product with a currently manufactured product that most closely matches the tool sent in for repair.


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