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Fixed Blade Knives with Wood Handles

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A handle does much more than adding an aesthetic touch to the knife—it also lends strength and ensures that the user gets a strong grip. Keeping this factor in mind, knives with wood handles are generally regarded as the best option. These are a classic addition with the aura of wood making such handles unique. Soft wood, stabilized wood, and hardwood are three different types of woods generally used for knife handles. Soft wood is useful for creating a stylish look while the latter make more sense for increasing the overall durability and resistance against water.


What does a wooden handle do to a fixed blade knife?

Knives with hardwood handles score more in terms of appearance as well as durability. The use of wood renders a very earthy, almost primitive charm to the knife. Most people look at knives as a classical weapon, a tool that symbolizes raw strength and basic instincts of man. The presence of wood with its rich grain pattern and the exclusive range of finishes accentuate this raw appeal of wooden handles. There are many varieties of hardwood. It is difficult to create a handle with the exact, same texture since every tree differs in terms of age and its grain pattern. The result is invariably an exclusive knife that will serve you for years to come. As wood ages, the raw aura of the knife gets a boost, turning it into an essential for a true knife aficionado.


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