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Remington Knives

Remington Arms is an age-old American company dedicated to manufacturing the finest quality knives, rifles, guns, hand-guns, cleaning kits, and other high-grade accessories. The company was incorporated in 1816 in the United States. Remington Knives was founded by Eliphalet Remington with a vision to provide durable, robustly constructed, practically designed products. Remington is America’s oldest gun manufacturing company that started its cutlery division in 1920.


The cutlery division became the largest manufacturer of knives in the United States with its diverse and quality assured hunting knives, kitchen knives, scissors and other specialized cutlery for different businesses. Remington Arms are manufactured in different countries and at different manufacturing units in China, Taiwan, and the United States. The knives and other small-arms are designed from age-old Remington traditions that make these tools/products reliable, durable and highly functional.


Remington Knives Offers the Best-Designed Products

Remington Knives products are tested to perform multiple tasks with great ease that includes piercing any object, slicing through tough and large meat and bones, shearing ropes and crafting bush. The dedicated team of craftsmen ensures quality construction of products using traditional knife-making techniques along with advanced technology. The products are designed to perfection and are globally recognized for offering strength and ease of accessibility to the user. The knives and other tools are practically designed to perform both commercial and low-profile tasks with ease. Most of these knives feature partially serrated blades with drop point, clip point or tanto point tip. These knives perform exceedingly well in all-weather conditions and withstand everyday handling abuse.


Expect Quality Construction for Long term Use

Remington Knives ensures customer to provide the finest quality products made from high-grade, tested and well-researched material. The blade construction is done prominently from heavy-duty 420J2 stainless steel. The handle construction is one of the most captivating features of the company as it is done from different material including TRP, green worm groove bone, stainless steel, and wood. Similarly, every product is made from the high-grade material to ensure great functionality and durability.


Explore the Wide Range of Remington Knives

Remington Knives offers an extensive range of knives ideal for performing different outdoor and indoor jobs like filleting, chopping, cutting, chopping, mincing and slicing.


Remington Fixed Blade Knives: The series offers practically designed fixed blade knives that are perfect to perform a variety of tasks. Most of these knives feature 420J2 stainless steel made drop point blades with exceptional cutting and chopping qualities. Some of these knives feature partially serrated blades. The series provides sturdy handles made from different material like TRP, stainless steel, and wood.


Remington Folding Pocket Knives: This everyday carry knives are ergonomically designedfolding knives in different shapes and blade types. Most of these knives feature a clip/drop-point blade with liner lock, framelock or lockback locking system. The folding knife series offers great durability and features knives which are greatly functional.


Remington F.A.S.T. Assist Open Knife Series: These knives are compact in size and features an internal mechanism that opens the folding knives using flipper or thumb stud. These versatile knives are perfect to perform various tactical and adventurous operations. The Remington assisted opening mechanism allows for a single- hand operation.


Remington Traditional Pocket Knives: The Remington Traditional Pocket Knives offers different types of pocket knives. The series offers a variety of hunter knives, toothpick knives, and bullet knives. These knives are ergonomically designed with different handle material that provides a sturdy and comfortable grip to the user.


Remington Anniversary Knife Series: The series was incorporated to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Remington Knives. This edition offers legendary Delrin folding knives that cater most to the knife collectors and enthusiasts. The knives are available in a limited edition set which consists of the finest quality knives made from stainless steel.


Remington Bullet Knife Series: This Bullet Knife seriesis one of the best-sellingseries offered by Remington Knives. These bullet knives by the company were first introduced in 1922 and are made from high-grade stainless steel. These series include the finest knives model including Sterling Elk and Bay Mustang. 


Remington Cleaning & Maintenance Kits:  It offers to maintain and cleaning kits that are manufactured in China and the United States. The maintaining kits contain a variety of cleaning tools that includes patch puller, field cable, lubricants, oil, brass bore brush, flex rod, and revolver adapter.


Remington Dehumidifiers: This series offer dehumidifiers to meet gun/ small-arm caring demands manufactured in Taiwan. These rechargeable dehumidifiers provide protection to nearly every small arm including rifles, shotguns, and handgun. It provides protection against mildews, dust, dirt and debris among less used guns.


Remington Field Cable Cleaning Kits: This firearm cleaning kits are compact and convenient to use. Most of the kits feature a fast snap T-handle with Rem oil to give maximum cleaning to the shotguns, rifles, and handguns. These kits feature a plastic coated, cleaning cable and no scratch construction.


Remington Heritage Knife Series: This Heritage Knife seriesfeatures premium-quality folding knives with satin finish. Most of these high-grade spear point knives are made from 420J2 stainless steel with thumb studs. The major highlight of these knives is the handle construction made from African wood that provides a sturdy grip to the user.


Remington Pic-Lot Knife Series: The range offers high-grade, stonewashed finish knives manufactured in China. These knives feature a drop-point blade that is perfect for piercing, cutting and chopping jobs. Most of these knives feature a framelock opening mechanism that allows the blade to open with the thumb stud.


Remington Rem Oil Cloths & Wipes: This series includes a wide range of gun maintenance accessories. The all-purpose cloths and wipes are easy to use and help to prevent small hand-tools and firearms against corrosion and mildews.


Remington Sportsman Knife Series: The sturdy outdoor knives series feature both folding and non-folding knives. Some of these knives have partially serrated drop-point blades made from high-grade stainless steel. Most of the blades are black steel coated to provide additional strength and durability. The folding knives feature liner lock, framelock or lock back opening/closing mechanism.


Remington Squeeg-e Gun Cleaning Kits: For all kinds of hand tools, shotguns and firearm-cleaning demands, these gun cleaning kits have all the tools to remove the barrel debris, grime, dust and prevent corrosion to protect the tools. These cleaning kits are compact, light in weight and convenient to carry in dense and different areas.


Lifetime Warranty Information

Remington Knives products are warranted to be free of defects. If the products are damaged by the misuse, then no replacement would be made. However, in rare cases, the replacement or repair can be done only after the approval from the repair department. As per the Remington Knives policies, some of the products cannot be repaired due to unavailability of the item or raw material. The knives and other products are not to be used as or with chisels, hammers, pry bars, or screwdrivers.


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