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Remington Trapper Knives - A Tradition of Excellence at Knife Country USA


At Knife Country USA, we proudly present the Remington Trapper Knives collection, a lineup that embodies tradition and craftsmanship. Known for their practical design and robust functionality, Remington Trapper knives are favored by outdoorsmen, hunters, and collectors alike. These knives are crafted to handle everything from daily tasks to the demands of outdoor adventures.


Discover the Rich Heritage of Remington Trapper Knives


Remington Trapper Knives are celebrated for their classic two-blade design, typically featuring a clip and spey blade. This design makes them incredibly versatile for a variety of cutting tasks. The materials used in these knives, from high-carbon steel to premium bone and wood handles, are selected for durability and performance.


Highlighted Models from the Remington Trapper Collection






  • Father and Daughter Set (R18044): A unique set that celebrates family bonding through the shared love of the outdoors, featuring beautifully etched handles and a deluxe wooden display box.


  • Woodland Trapper (R15658): This model combines functionality with an aesthetic appeal, offering a checkered wood handle that ensures a secure grip.


Why Choose Remington Trapper Knives?


  • Versatility: Equipped with two types of blades, these knives are suited for a variety of tasks, from cutting and slicing to more intricate jobs like skinning.


  • Durability: Made with high-quality materials, these knives are built to last and withstand the rigors of outdoor use.


  • Heritage: Remington knives carry a legacy of quality and reliability, making them a favorite among knife enthusiasts and collectors.


Your Reliable Partner in the Great Outdoors


Knife Country USA is committed to offering the best in cutting tools, and our selection of Remington Trapper Knives is no exception. Whether you're a hunter, a camper, or a collector, these knives are sure to exceed your expectations with their quality and performance.


Browse our collection today and experience the tradition and craftsmanship of Remington Trapper Knives, designed to be your reliable partner in any outdoor adventure.

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