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Remington Bullet Knives Series - Iconic American Craftsmanship at Knife Country USA


Discover the legendary Remington Bullet Knives Series at Knife Country USA, a collection that embodies the spirit of American craftsmanship and the rich heritage of Remington Arms. Renowned for their distinctive designs and historical significance, these knives are not just cutting tools but collectors' items that celebrate the artistry and innovation of one of America's most storied gun makers.


Remington Bullet Knives: A Blend of Functionality and Collectability


The Remington Bullet Knife series began as a commemorative line of knives that quickly became a symbol of quality and collectability among knife enthusiasts. Each year, these knives are eagerly anticipated by collectors and outdoor enthusiasts alike, who appreciate their unique designs, superior materials, and exceptional craftsmanship. These knives feature traditional patterns updated with modern steel and handle materials, making them suitable for both everyday use and display.


Featured Models in the Remington Bullet Knife Series


  • Remington 2023 Hawbill Bullet Knife (R693) - This knife features a satin finish 440 stainless hawkbill blade, ideal for detailed cutting tasks. The red jigged bone handle provides a classic look combined with modern durability, making it a standout piece for 2023.


  • Remington 2024 Bullet Knife Waterfowler (R15696) - Designed for the waterfowl hunter, this knife includes mirror finish 1095HC steel clip and spey blades, along with a fowl hook. The brown jigged bone handle and traditional design make it a functional and beautiful tool for any outdoorsman.


  • Remington Bullet 40th Anniversary Lighter (RE73324) - While not a knife, this lighter celebrates the 40th anniversary of Remington Bullet knives and features iconic artwork related to the series. It’s a must-have accessory for collectors and enthusiasts.


  • Remington 2022 Bullet Barlow (RERB44) - A classic Barlow design updated for 2022, this knife features satin finish stainless clip and pen blades and a brown jigged bone handle. It's perfect for those who value knives that offer a nod to the past with the performance for today's needs.


Why Collect Remington Bullet Knives?


  • Historical Significance: Each knife in the series celebrates a different aspect of Remington's heritage, making them not just tools but pieces of history.


  • Quality and Craftsmanship: Made with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, these knives are designed to offer reliable performance and lasting beauty.


  • Collectability: With new releases each year, the series offers ongoing appeal to collectors looking to build or expand their collections of unique and historically significant knives.


Knife Country USA: Your Trusted Source for Quality Collectible Knives


At Knife Country USA, we are proud to offer the Remington Bullet Knives Series, along with a wide range of other fine knives from leading manufacturers. Whether you're a collector looking for rare finds or a practical user in need of a reliable cutting tool, we have something to meet your needs.


Explore our selection today and own a piece of American history with a Remington Bullet Knife, where each blade tells a story of tradition and expert craftsmanship.

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