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Remington Folding Pocket Knives by Remington Knives

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In the business of selling knives and sporting goods since 1816, Remington specializes in manufacturing quality products. Primarily used in sectors like military, government and law enforcement, Remington products are high on functionality and low on maintenance.


Remington Framelock, Linerlock and Lockback Pocket Knives: Exemplifying Precision


The Remington Folding Pocket Knives category features some of the best designs, and offers knives that are precise and high on quality. Featuring blades made from stainless steel, these knives are rust-resistant and do not get damaged easily. Most of the knives in this category feature a hole that can be used for inserting a lanyard. The lanyard fits on the wrist and strengthen the grip while performing effort-intensive tasks. These knives are easy to stow due to their compact design.


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