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Remington Hunting Knives - Precision Tools for the Avid Outdoorsman at Knife Country USA


Welcome to Knife Country USA’s showcase of the Remington Hunting Knives series, an exemplary collection designed to cater to the precise needs of hunters, outdoorsmen, and survival enthusiasts. Known for their rugged durability and exceptional performance, Remington hunting knives are crafted to handle everything from detailed caping to robust field dressing tasks.


Introducing Remington Hunting Knives: Your Reliable Field Companions


The Remington Hunting Knife series includes a wide range of knives, each tailored for specific tasks within the hunting and outdoor activities spectrum. Whether you’re setting up a hunting blind, dressing game in the field, or preparing camp meals, these knives are engineered to offer superior cutting power, ergonomic handling, and long-lasting durability.


Featured Models in the Remington Hunting Knives Collection



  • Remington Caping Hunter (R15637) - This compact fixed blade is perfect for the meticulous work of caping trophies, featuring a fine satin finish blade and a robust G10 handle.



  • Remington Hunter Series Knives - Including models like the Hunter Lockback and Hunter D2 Trailing Point, these knives offer versatility with their durable blades and ergonomic handles, suited for various outdoor tasks.



Why Choose Remington Hunting Knives?


  • Versatility: From folding knives with multiple blades to robust fixed blades, the series offers solutions for every field scenario.


  • Durability: Made with high-quality materials like D2 tool steel and G10 handles, these knives are built to last under harsh conditions.


  • Precision: Engineered for accuracy and control, these knives provide the confidence needed for effective use in field dressing and fine detail work.


Knife Country USA: Committed to Quality and Customer Satisfaction


At Knife Country USA, we are dedicated to offering the best in outdoor and hunting equipment. Our selection of Remington Hunting Knives is curated to meet the high standards of functionality and reliability that our customers expect. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or an outdoor enthusiast, our knives are designed to enhance your experience and improve efficiency in your outdoor adventures.


Browse our collection today and find the perfect Remington hunting knife that meets your outdoor needs, backed by our commitment to quality and service.

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