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Remington Cleaning & Maintenance Kits by Remington Knives

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Established in 1816, Remington Knives are a renowned and reliable brand name for manufacturing knives, rifles, guns, cleaning kits, hand guns and more. Featuring a robust design, the products are perfect to assist users in tactical and tough situations. Backed with durable construction and reliable design, the collection of weapons and tools enhance the user experience.


The Remington Cleaning & Maintenance Kits includes a range of tools and equipment required for tactical weapon maintenance. Most tactical weapons like guns, rifles, shotguns, knives and more require regular maintenance to ensure smooth functioning in longer duration. This series includes multiple tools, oils, and cleaning lubricants that are essentials for cleansing the weapons. Depending upon different models of kit, it includes tools like shotgun brush adaptor, brass pistol adaptor, handgun cleaning rod, two-sided cleaning brush hook carbon pick, and flat carbon scrapers, brass pin punch, and more. Most tools come equipped with bags/box for easy storage solutions. The series also includes lubricants and oils that are formulated to protect the tactical weapons from corrosion, friction and wear and tear (available in spray or normal bottles, depending upon the different models). Suitable for all seasons, these lubricants are perfect to offer superior cleaning. Made in USA, this tactical series includes all the necessary tools for a user that helps them keep their weapons intact and functioning.


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