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Karesuando Kniven, founded in 1975, is a Sweden-based company with a large collection of knives and blades. The company has manufactured more than 200,000 knives and over 1,000,000 blades with high-quality standards and unique designs. Karesuando Kniven is inspired from the barren arctic climate, northern lights, and midnight sun, presenting out-of-the ordinary handicrafts. It is popular for its comprehensive range of genuine products, made from traditional and natural raw materials, which you can carry easily when you are in mountains, wilderness or forests.


Knife is the most important tool and a loyal companion when you are out for adventures in mountain, desert, tundra, marsh, forest, or in any other terrain. Karesuando Kniven believes in delivering best-quality knives and tools which are practical and elegant. The brand manufactures a complete range of outdoor tools including Axes, Hatchets, Fixed Blade Knives, Lockback Pocket Knives, Folding Pocket Knives, Knife Sharpeners, Diamond Sharpeners, Knife Making Supplies, Fire starters, and Strikers. Most of these knives and axes are made from reindeer antlers or local curly birch wood with a special blade sharpening method. Famously used for hunting and survival purposes these knives represent the Swedish Handicraft Tradition.


Out-Of-The-Ordinary Hand-crafted Products

Karesuando Kniven is a highly trusted brand that has been making superior knives and tools from many decades. From small pocket knives to fire strikers, and fixed blade knives to Axes and Hatchets, the brand offers a complete range of outdoor tools. The brand inventory is an assortment of knives designed specifically for use in mountains and forests for hunting, trekking, or survival ventures. The brand is known for its natural raw material, some of the products are made of animal skin and horns. Use of brass, reindeer antlers, wood is very prominent. They manufacture one-piece handles made from oiled curly birch and reindeer antlers and the sheath is designed out of pure leather.


Traditionally Designed Tools which are Close to Nature

People living close to nature know that a knife is a must-have tool when you are out in the wild. All Karesuando tools are made to assist you in the wilderness, being your perfect companion through lifetime. Some of its popular designs include the Sandvik rat tail tang blade with, reindeer horn handle or curly birch wood handle, and a safe carrying sheath. The brand inventory also a hand braided leather lanyard that is made to pair well with the axes and knives. These genuine knives and tools are shaped by centuries of handicraft traditions and natural raw materials.


An Insight into Karesuando Kniven Inventory

Karesuando Kniven tools are designed to assist you in tactical and survival situations. These genuine tools are made from high-quality materials to become your perfect companion for every outdoor requirement. The Karesuando inventory consists of a number of tough tools belonging to the following series:


Karesuando Kniven Axes: This series is an assortment of heavy-duty axes made with high-quality material including stainless steelhead, reindeer antler handles, and natural curly wood birch handles. Most of these hefty axes are complemented with a small knife, double-sided diamond sharpener, and a leather slip pouch. Carry the Vuogas Aksu Sandvik Stainless Axe in your backpacks or around a belt sheath to your outdoor survival adventures.


Karesuando Kniven Fixed Blade Knives: Featuring carbons steel, stainless or powder steel sheet blades, the fixed blade knives by Karesuando Kniven are popular among hunters, collectors, survival experts, and trainers. The knife handgrips are available brown, walnut, and natural finish to choose from. The integrated guard acts as a stopper and prevents the hand from slipping onto the blade’s edge.


Karesuando Kniven Knife Making Supplies: Karesuando knife making supplies are especially designed for knife enthusiasts who want to design their own customized tool. Equipped with rat tail tang blades, the knife-making kits are supplied with instruction manual to help you design the handmade tool safely. KK knife-making kits feature corrosion-resistant Sandvik Stainless Blade, delivering a professional-grade performance.


Karesuando Kniven Lockback Pocket Knives: Popular among backpackers, hikers, solo travelers, trainers, army men, and campers, the folding knives of this series offer an ergonomic grip. Wood handles with palm swell shape and curved butt of the handles makes it easy to change the hand position. Singi Fällkniv Lockback Folding Knife comes with a natural curly birch handle and an inlay shield to embellish your toolbox.


Karesuando Axes & Hatchets: Karesuando heavy-duty Axes and Hatchets feature one-piece natural handles sharp-edged blade. Most of these tough outdoor tools are equipped with diamond sharpeners, leather slip pouch, belt sheath, Reindeer antler pommel, or inlay shield. These Axes and Hatchets are widely used by hunters, survival experts, trainers, and outdoor enthusiasts.


Karesuando Diamond Sharpeners: Karesuando Diamond Sharpeners feature a coarse side that help you get a fine, sharp edge blade. Designed to be used indoors and outdoors, these sharpeners have a fine grit surface and handles. These sharpeners help you keep the knives in a ready to use condition.


Karesuando Firestriker: Firestriker tools by Karesuando are designed to assist travelers and adventurers in emergency situations. These fire-striking tools with reindeer horn handles provide a sturdy grip to take you through any survival situation. These tools are a must have for camping, trekking, hunting, rock climbing, and other outdoor excursions.


Providing Superior Products with Warranty

Karesuando Kniven has a policy of return or replaces if the product is found defective. But there are some products that cannot be fixed as based on the restricted availability of parts. In such cases, Karesuando Kniven will provide a similar item that resembles the returned item. Also, KK is providing 10 years of warranty on its knives. As per instructions, KK products should not be used as a hammer, screwdrivers, pry bars and chisels.


Knife Country for Unparalleled Range of Knives and Tools at Great Deals

Knife country is a small family-based company. The brand gains its reputation and popularity from the quality products. The products range from a variety of knives to security equipment, outdoor gear, survival kits, and camping gear. The company is built on trust between the sellers and customers. There is a family of 30,000 models from 500+ manufacturers behind providing the perfect product to you. Karesuando Kniven is one such trusted brand majorly dealing in knives and axes. Their designs and raw materials do the talking as they are made of natural products such as animal skin and horns, one every popular material is reindeer horns used in manufacturing handle pieces. The online store works to offer maximum customer satisfaction with its ever-expanding assortments.

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