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Princeton Tec Flashlights Eos Headlamp Series by Princeton Tec Flashlights


Princeton Tec manufactures flashlights, headlamps and waterproof dive lights in the USA. Each Princeton Tec LED flashlight and headlamp is built using high quality materials for long-lasting use. Princeton Tec is also well known for their durable and intrinsically safe flashlights. The range of products includes SYNC, BYTE, REMIX and BOT for family utilities, professional series, and other products specific for various tasks like biking, scuba diving and tactical lights.


About the Flashlights EOS


The durable EOS is an outdoorsman’s dream come true. With a single long-throw Maxbright LED encased in a rugged, watertight housing, EOS is up to any challenge that a trail, site, slope, or stream will throw at you. Four output modes (high, medium, low, and flash) allow the EOS to keep its regulated brightness while the batteries remain at optimum levels. Also available are the EOS Tac with three colored filers and the CL1DIV1 Intrinsically Safe EOS II.


About Knife Country



We offer a wide variety of American made products. Knife making is among the great American traditions, and today's industry is stronger than ever. From Fixed Blade Knives to Lockback Knives, Knife Country USA is keeping the craft alive with quality products made right here in the USA. Apart from knives and daggers, you can choose to buy camping and cooking gear as well.