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Estwing Axes

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Estwing Axes

The foundation stone of the company was laid in 1923 by Swedish immigrant Ernest O. Estwing. Under his guidance, the company grew by leaps and bounds. With the efforts and dedication of the ESTWING Family, soon the company successfully started making high-performance striking and struck tools. The essence of traditional crafting techniques and modern methods of manufacturing reflects in the tools they offer to the clients. ESTWING has surpassed varied milestones in terms of providing exceptional quality products that have gained appreciations across the world and has continued to serve clients with the premium axes and other various specialty striking tools.


Introduction of Shock Reduction Grip at ESTWING

Headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, ESTWING not only designs and manufactures hammers, axes, pry bars, geologist's hammers, roofer's tools, bricklayer's tools, but the company has been appreciated for the introduction of new shock reduction grip. This grip introduced by ESTWING, in 2001, offers clients the best available grip for reducing vibrations caused by the impact of the axes and other tools. 0ffeing complete durability and comfort, this ergonomically designed ESTWING patented innovation sets standards for all other similar products. All the products are intricately designed to meet the highest standards that reflect the true craftsmanship. The products are constructed of a single piece of hardened tool steel.  The nylon vinyl grip axes at the company are now manufactured using the new material. Backed by a team of dexterous engineers; they ensure that the products are as per the industrial standards and meet the customer’s demands.


Manufacturing Unit of ESTWING

ESTWING is in the northern Illinois city of Rockford, which is about 90 miles northwest of Chicago. The complete procedure from starting the scratch to the designing, production, and packaging is done in this manufacturing unit, which is followed by the delivery to the leading hardware stores, retailers and home centers, throughout the US, Canada and other countries around the world.


Exploring ESTWING’s Inventory


Estwing Axes & Hatchets: The Axes and Hatches in this series are manufactured using quality solid steel. Use of this material induces commendable strength to perform heavy-duty tasks and that too without getting stuck in between. The one-piece steel construction has been designed for splitting wood and notching timber. Many of the axes have the black coated axe head that complements the axe body. The nylon-vinyl deep cushion offers a comfortable hold and secure grip in most of the demanding situations. The patented nylon vinyl shock reduction grip is a defining feature of the axes and hatchets.


Estwing Axes Camper's Series: The axes in this series are specifically designed and manufactured using the finest quality steel that induces commendable strength for camping, hunting and farm use. These axes are made using comfortable handles along with the Estwing's patented Shock Reduction Grip, which is a defining feature of these axes. The cutting and chopping become easy owing to the sharp edges. The heavy-duty nylon sheath prevents accidental injuries.


Estwing Axes Carpenter's Series:This series has uniquely designed axes that are manufactured using premium quality American steel. These axes have a perfectly designed body that undergoes high compression and performs smoothly even after roughest uses. The performance is enhanced using molded Shock Reduction Grip that offers a comfortable grip and absorbs the vibrations as well. The axes and hatchets are used for the traditional woodwork, joinery.


Estwing Axes Hunters Series:Primarily designed for the professional hunters and outdoorsmen, the axes in this series have been designed for performing heavy-duty clearing and maintaining trees and chopping tasks. These are the multipurpose axes designed with excellent quality stainless blades that induced commendable strength for toughest tasks. The use of shock reduction grips offers easy handling and maximum user convenience.


Estwing Axes Sportsman Series: This series is specifically designed and manufactured for the outdoorsmen and trekkers. The sturdy and durable construction of these knives is due to the American Steel construction. The blades are born tough and have the ability to pierce through most of the surfaces. The one-piece construction of the axes induces commendable strength to make sure that the blades strike smoothly without getting stuck in between. Suitable for trimming trees, notching timbers and splitting wood, the handles are made using traditional genuine leather that offers a secure grip in most of the demanding situations.


Estwing Black Eagle Double Bit Axe Series:This series has the premium axes designed and manufactured for the sportsmen and military professionals. These are the double axe head series made using the one piece genuine American steel that induces commendable strength to perform varied tasks smoothly and without getting stuck while striking. The lightweight construction offers easy usage and handling without straining the hands. The vinyl shock reduction grip offers durability and helps the absorption of the vibrations.


Estwing Black Eagle Tomahawk Series:The eagle tomahawk series includes the finest quality axes that are made using premium quality steel for performing heavy-duty tasks with ease. The use of genuine American steel increases the capability of penetrating through most of the surfaces. Apart from the optimum strength, these axes resist corrosion and have the nylon vinyl shock reduction grip to absorb the vibrations caused by impact.


Estwing Bowie Knives:The series includes premium knives that are primarily made using one piece of US steel. Use of this material imparts commendable strength to the knives and lets the knife glide smoothly through most of the surfaces. The blades have a flawless satin finish that looks classic and complements the knife body.


Estwing Fireside Friend Splitting Tool:Genuine American steel construction of these axes have the ability to pierce through most of the hard surfaces; this series is specifically designed to perform heavy-duty tasks. Use of this material for the blades induces commendable strength. The striking power is phenomenal, and it glides smoothly through most of the surfaces.  Trimming trees, notching timbers, splitting wood, and driving plastic stakes become easy with these axes.


Estwing Hammer Series:Hammers in this series have been designed for performing heavy-duty tasks. The one-piece construction of these hammers has the ability to withstand high compression. These hammers have the exceptional UV coating and the shock reduction grip that helps absorbing shocks and vibrations.


Estwing Machetes: These are designed using qualitative one-piece steel construction. The machetes can survive under high compression and distortion. The use of this material incorporates commendable strength for butchering, cutting and maintaining trails. The construction is lightweight that makes it suitable to hold while performing tedious tasks. The gliding ability is phenomenal, and the use of patented shock reduction grip offers a comfortable to hold with no injuries.


Estwing Riggers Axe Series:This series has the premium axes that are manufactured using qualitative steel. The one-piece steel construction of these axes can withstand under high compression and is designed for the purpose of splitting wood and notching timber. The axe head is sharpened to glide flawlessly through most of the surfaces without getting stuck. It offers maximum corrosion resistance as well. One of the defining features of the axes is the exclusive shock reduction grip, which makes it suitable to be used while working in the backyard, job construction site or camping duties.


Estwing Rock Pick Axe Series:The stainless construction of these axes is suitable for performing long-duration tedious tasks with ease. The axes have the impeccable strength owing to the forged one-piece stainless construction. The handles have the molded shock reduction grip, which is indeed a defining feature and suitable to be used by the geologist while working with hard rocks. This reduces vibrations caused by impact.


Estwing TTA Tomahawk Series:The axes in this series are manufactured using premium quality stainless steel. The use of this material induces impeccable strength to the axes and increases the penetrating ability in most of the demanding situations. The powder-coated steel axe head imparts a classic look. The use of desert tan rubber handle is perfect for performing long-duration tasks. The handles offer a secure grip and fit perfectly in the palm


ESTWING Warranty


ESTWING does not offer a lifetime warranty to the customers; however, the products are completely warranted for the all-steel hammers against failure in normal use. Though complete inspection will be done before replacement or repairing of the products. The concerned person will inspect and send for further repairing if required. Apart from this, there is no warranty on products that are misused, or abused. The company will not repair, re-grip or refurbish any of the used tools in accordance with the American National Safety Requirements and we are truly committed to abide by the safety norms. There might be several reasons for the rejection of claims including the Leather grip disintegrating due to age or left in elements, normal wear and tear, dents caused due to over-striking and many more other reasons.


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