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DMT Dia-Fold Series Knife Sharpeners by DMT Knife Sharpeners

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DMT Dia-Fold Series Knife Sharpeners: Precision Edge Care for Every Blade


Knife enthusiasts and professionals alike know the importance of maintaining a sharp edge on their tools. Knife Country USA is delighted to offer the DMT Dia-Fold Series Knife Sharpeners, a comprehensive solution for keeping your blades at peak performance. With a variety of grits and specialized designs, this lineup from Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) caters to every sharpening need, whether you're in the field, at home, or in the workshop.


Our premium DMT Dia-Fold Series features:


  • DMTFSKC Serrated Sharpener: A 4-inch blue coarse grit diamond cone designed to quickly and easily sharpen serrated blades, with a clear handle that folds around the sharpening rod for convenient storage.







  • DMTFWE Diamond Whetstone: This extra fine grit sharpener is suitable for refining and polishing your edge, ensuring it's razor-sharp.


  • DMTFWEEE Double Sided Diafold: Offering extra fine and extra-extra fine grits, this sharpener is the ultimate tool for achieving a polished edge.








Proudly made in the USA, each sharpener is hang packaged for convenience. DMT's Dia-Fold series ensures that no matter the blade or condition, there's a tool to restore its edge. Knife Country USA is committed to providing products that embody both innovation and tradition, ensuring that every cut you make is with confidence.

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