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DMT Pastes, Lubricants & Accessories by DMT Knife Sharpeners

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DMT Pastes, Lubricants & Accessories: The Finishing Touch for Sharp Blades


Knife Country USA proudly showcases the DMT Pastes, Lubricants & Accessories collection, designed to provide the final touches to your sharpening routine. With these premium products, achieving an impeccably sharp and polished edge becomes an effortless task for any blade enthusiast.


Whether you are looking to spruce up your woodworking tools, give your straight razor the keenest edge, or maintain your culinary knives, DMT’s range of pastes and accessories is the perfect complement to your sharpening equipment.


Explore the DMT Pastes, Lubricants & Accessories:


  • DMTDIASPRAY: A sprayable suspension featuring 0.5-micron diamonds for the ultimate polished finish.


  • DMTDIAFLAT: The lapping plate ensures your stones remain flat for consistent sharpening results.


  • DMTABG: A blade guide that fits all blade thicknesses and ensures precise edge-guided sharpening.


  • DMTCS2: A ceramic sharpening rod for honing and maintaining your knives' edges.


For those looking to achieve a mirror finish on their tools, the Dia-Paste Compounds offer an array of micron sizes to fine-tune your edge:


  • DMTDP1: 1 Micron for a high polish.


  • DMTDP3: 3 Micron for a keen edge.


  • DMTDP6: 6 Micron for initial polishing.


  • DMTDPK: A kit containing a selection of micron sizes for a complete polishing range.


Each product in this lineup is crafted to meet DMT's high standards, ensuring durability and performance. The Dia-Paste Compounds, especially, are essential for anyone seeking to reduce tool friction and prolong the time between sharpening sessions.


With the DMT Pastes, Lubricants & Accessories, you can fine-tune the sharpness of your blades, resulting in tools that cut with precision and ease. Embrace the full potential of your blades and ensure they’re ready for any task at hand.

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