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Know About the Brand

Techno-studio Profile is one of the most reputed names in the international market as the manufacturer of professional sharpening devices. TSPROF is a Russian manufacturer and has established a name for presenting high-performance Profile sharpeners that are known for their reliability and complete metal construction. With the mass production of highly functional and reliable sharpening systems, TSPROF is known as the leader in Europe.


How did It start?

The Profile project was started with the idea of making universal powerful sharpening platforms that too with the interchangeable, easily replaceable peripheral nodes. It was in 2010 when the first design work that was on the basic elements of the sharpening device Profile was created since knife-related topics along with sharpening craft topics were high around the globe. The existing manual sharpening established methods in the sharpening community was carried out with the primitive plastic as a backup that was made in the form of Chinese clones.


Since the need for quality sharpening arose, single craftsmen and sharpeners tried to improve the situation with the increased interest. Lada 2012 project, the first profile model, when the company got familiar with the sharpening methods, along with the experienced well-known options for the execution of nodes tried introducing new ideas. The main priority was given to constant development and improvement, with accuracy, technical capabilities, reliability, convenience, and aesthetics


What Makes Techno-studio Profile Different?

Going through the constant periods of modernization has led to substantial transformation. Over the years, constant progress has been made in order to improve the user experience with the original design solutions. The continuous updating of each piece of equipment, with the introduction of state-of-the-art production methods with much accuracy and enhanced performance, makes the sharpening and other products stand out from others. The models and constructions of the sharpening products are made only after intense research and thus, emerging far beyond the existing range. The use of patented technology, the universal parts, manufacture of the machine tools with 14 different manufacturing processes that include welding to precision milling on CNC machines makes these products highly reliable and ideal for use.


Explore From the Techno-studio Profile Product Categories

BLITZ Standard Sharpening Kit: This category includes the premium BLITZ sharpening kit that boasts a robust aluminum alloy body. The complete kit includes the sharpening product body, abrasive holder, diamond plates - extra coarse, medium, fine; alcohol wipes, permanent marker, clamps screwdriver, and spare parts that include bumpers, screws, Allen wrench. The complete sharpening kit is easy to install.

K03 Standard Sharpening Kit: This standard sharpening kit is specifically designed and manufactured with 100% CNC machined metal construction that adds to its durability and offers exceptional performance. These are the fast and precise turning mechanism that requires no clamp. It includes a universal abrasive holder, diamond plates glued on the aluminum inserts, Allen wrench, whole-milled clamps, a mechanical angle scale, and a heavy base.

BLITZ 360 Standard Sharpening Kit:

These are the qualitative BLITZ 360 Standard Sharpening kit that is specifically made using 360 aluminum-alloy body and boasts a robust construction. The complete kit is provided with a durably constructed body and comes with diamond plates (Extra Coarse, Medium, Fine), permanent marker, alcohol wipes, clamps screwdriver, spare parts (bumpers, screws, Allen wrench). The installation is extremely easy, while it is compact, foldable and easily fits into a shoulder bag or kitchen shelf as well.


Warranty Information:

Each product that is presented by Techno-studio Profile is known for its optimum quality and performance. The products are manufactured using quality material and tested throughout before final delivery. The warranty of each product starts as and when the customer discovered a defect in the product. The customer can demand measures to eliminate that defect. The seasonal products by TSPROF are guaranteed from the beginning of the season, while the warranty starts from the day of delivery when buying from an online store. The warranty includes the elimination of the defect in the service center, commenced only after complete inspection, or exchange for a similar product that too without any charges, or exchange for a similar product but with a surcharge or return of the defective product, while the company can be contacted for any issue. But in case if the product is found defective owing to the abrasive use and using the machine without its scope of use, then it needs to be checked first and then only further action can be taken. 


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