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Bolt/Button/Top Lock Knives

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Knife Country USA is offering different types of knives in order to meet our customers demanding needs. We offer knives that are lock knives, which feature a pivot point and top lock knives are also in our range of knives. Some of the features of lock knives are the deer-antler grips, bolsters, liners and a locking mechanism. These knives are compact, incredibly handy and may be slightly lighter than other kinds of knives. One can also easily carry these types of knives, either in their pocket or with a pocket clip.


Precision designed, this highly efficient pocket knife is an accepted defensive rescue tool and safety tool in society. A button lock knife is easy to use and maintain. It simply features a small push-button. Another good knife with a cutting edge is utility knife. Highly convenient, it is perfectly used in automotive repair, scraping hides, cordage, cutting everyday items. Apart from all these, there are numerous other lock knives such as tanto, drop point, clip point, and more. Knife Country USA offers brands such as, Blackhawk, Boker, Buck and many, many more brands of the lock knives. Check out our line of lock, button, liner knives, in the search bar here on our website, where we offer great value for the price.

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