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Old Bear Knives

Old Bear is an exclusive line of folding knives, launched to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Antonini Knives, established in 1925, Italy.

The Italian company Antonini began its blade journey from the Maniago area (Pordenone), which has been the European center of quality blades since medieval times. Today the company is a renowned blade maker around the world. The extensive line of products includes SOS knives, high-tech farm knives, nautical knives, electrician's knives, Old Bear knives, and pocket knives.

The Antonini clasp blades are used in various applications, from agriculture and gardening to fishing and sailing industries. In addition, Antonini SOS's search and rescue knives are specially designed for law enforcement and the Red Cross corps.

In conjunction with the region trademark, the renowned Antonini emblem guarantees the quality of raw materials and craftsmanship, which translates into the most outstanding possible resistance, durability, and cutting performance criteria under the "Made in Italy" banner.

All Antonini knives are handcrafted with extreme precision and exquisite balance.

The Birth of Legendary Old Bear Knives

As the legend goes, early settlers started to scorch the forest land a long time ago, searching for a new home. The old bear family didn't like the interference in the peaceful forest life. So he began to destroy everything the settlers brought with them.

The old Bear attacked the substantial timber house with his strong paws, destroying the shelter into rubbles. But before he could tear apart everything, he saw a small child that has been left alone by a running family. The child was crying, piercing the forest's silence.

The old Bear moved slowly toward the kid. The child was not afraid of his big claws, and when the Bear approached, the kid touched his gentle fur. The encounter of child and old Bear resulted in a very emotional response instead of attacking.  The old Bear was moved with his innocence and bold gesture.

Old Bear's heart melted. He lifted the child in his warm, embracing hug. It was the time when the epic friendship of old Bear and child began. The child, over the years, grew up a strong and healthy young man, just like his furry friend. The forest became his new home. First, he mastered the forest's secrets, the wildlife, and hunting tools. Then, with the help of his everlasting friend, he crafted his own survival tools.

One day while traveling to the jungle, the old Bear found a shiny piece of Iron. He gifted the iron piece and a solid wood plank to his human friend. With the help of his giant friend, the child created an astonishing knife that was suitable for all his adventurous journey in the wild. The everlasting blade became the constant companion of the young man.

With the exact curiosity of this young child, the Old Bear line of knives is handcrafted for perfection. Each Old Bear folding knife is handcrafted for long-lasting performance in any situation.

All you need to know about Old Bear knives

The Antonini SRL launched the Old Bear foldable knives to celebrate the 90+ years of the blade-making journey. This product line is created with manual treatments and processes that make every knife unique and original with an unmatched look and performance. The company guarantees against any irregularities on the knife surface. All Old Bear knives bear the symbol of the Italian area from where it's originated.

Unlike many knife manufacturers, all Old Bear knives are produced in Maniago, the knife-making capital of Italy. The blades are made with AISI 420 steel and handle finished with walnut, blackwood, and olive. The locking mechanism of these foldable knives is highly manipulative for easier usage for a variety of applications.

Antonini Old Bear Pocket Knives represent the perfection of blade-making art. These blades exemplify the ancient technique and are handcrafted with perfection. Every inch of these pocket knives, from handle to blade tip, showcases the mastery of knife-making skills. One of the most remarkable features of EDC knives is the proprietary collar lock.

Hand-shaped and honed to perfection, the handle, collar, and blade exemplify the finest in classic workmanship. However, what truly distinguishes this knife is Antonini's usage of the proprietary Lupo collar lock. Within the brass collar, there is a sliding lock that securely holds the blade open and closed.

Another Old Bear knife that outdoor professional loves are Old Bear Mushroom Knife. The stone-sharpened stainless steel blade is finished in oil-treated American walnut wood; this foldable knife has a strong safety ring that secures the handle in both open and closed positions.

The Antonini Old Bear pocketknife is given a surprising beauty by the black tonal design. The plywood handle is reminiscent of swampy oak, the blackened brass ferrule is silky smooth, and the steel blade is coated with a deep black Teflon. On edge, the etched design matches the rivet on the blade joint. The knife comes in three sizes: medium, large, and X large.

Lock knives are currently illegal in the UK. This is because lock knives are not classified as folding knives and are thus prohibited from carrying in public unless there is a compelling cause. Lock knives: These knives feature blades that can be locked and refolded with the push of a button. They may also include multi-tool knives, which are instruments that incorporate additional devices such as a screwdriver or can opener.

Old Bear Knives Categories and Outdoor Accessories

Old Bear Classical Folder Knives: For 90 years, Antonin knives have been committed to craftsmanship and quality, producing some of the best foldable knives in the world. The new line, Old Bear classical folder knives, is handcrafted with love and care by a team of experienced craftsmen using traditional Italian production techniques that date back hundreds of years. The handles are made with walnut or olive wood. Available in different sizes, these folding knives are excellent for any classical knife collection.

Old Bear Carbon Folding Knife w/ Aged Walnut Wood Handle: When you're looking for a folding knife with a modern look and feel, this is for you. The satin C67 carbon steel blade of the Old Bear folder knife features a good balance of hardness, toughness, and edge retention. In addition, it's engineered with simple and ergonomic lines and features an oil-treated American walnut wood handle.

Old Bear Grafting Knives: For professionals and amateurs alike, being able to graft trees is an essential skill. At Old Bear, we want to make this process as easy as possible. The stainless steel grafting knife is lightweight but durable. It's perfect for both budding and grafting and comes with a comfortable handle so you can use it for long periods without tiring your hand.

Old Bear Mushroom Knives: The Mushroom Knife has developed a devoted following over the years, and it's easy to understand why. It's a perfect size, easy to open, and consistently gave great results throughout tests. The stainless-steel blade is robust enough for various applications, yet the folding knife maintains a modest, thin profile. Moreover, the end of the olive handle features natural horse brush hair.

Old Bear Pruning Knives: A pruning knife with a sharp blade and a comfy grip (to minimize sliding) is ideal for meticulous branch thinning, thorns removal, and trimming flower beds. Old Bear trimming knives have 420 stainless blades, a walnut or blackwood handle, and a locking safety ring for easy operations: trim trees, vines, or bushes with the Old Bear Trimming Knife. The safety ring will keep your hands and fingers away from the blade and give you more control over delicate tasks. The longer blade is perfect for those hard-to-reach areas, and it's a great choice for trimming thicker branches. With a variety of finishes, you're sure to find one that fits your needs!

Old Bear Classic Damascus EDC Knives: Old Bear has a long history of producing superb tactical folders, but they've chosen a somewhat different approach with this one. To begin, it incorporates its patented locking technology into a black laminated wood grip. Next, however, the 3.5-inch Damascus steel blade – Damasteel® DS93X – New Super Dense Twist – steals the show. You'll be the envy of all your friends with this tactical knife that spans 3/4 inches with an eagle point blade and 1/2-inch thickness.

Old Bear Biltong Utility Knives: The Old Bear Utility Knife has an elegant, classy look that is perfect for any setting. The handle is made of oil-treated American walnut, which provides a comfortable and classy-looking grip. It has a patented locking system that uses a solid safety ring to secure the blade in both the open and closed positions. The Biltong blade is made of Aisi 420 stainless steel and is held in place by a patented safety ring. It means that the edge doesn't have a no-return spring but can be locked in both open and closed positions with just one hand.

Old Bear Young Folder Knives: Folder OBY Knives are an excellent toy choice for any young boy or girl. Made of durable yet light materials, these knives won't cause injury to children. The blades are blunt and smooth to be played with safely and without risk of damage. They're also the perfect size for a child's small hands. It comes in two forms: OBY for babies (4-8) and OBY of 9+ years. The first one has a blunt edge and a rounded tip, the very first knife that parents permit their children to carry. The second is for children over nine years which features a blade with a sharpened edge and a rounded tip.

Old Bear Leather Belt Sheath: Whether you want a basic, conventional belt sheath to keep your knife handy throughout the day or want to take your Old Bear knife for a nature trip, this gorgeous leather belt sheath will keep your weapon tight and ready to use. The belt sheath is available in two sizes: knives measuring 3.5 to 4.25 inches and folding knives measuring 4.75 to 5.5 inches.

Old Bear Pocket Knife Classic Display Kit: Transporting knives is an inconvenience and a hazard. This classic display kit makes it easy to travel with your blades by giving you a countertop display for your knife collection. With hooks to keep your foldable knives in place, a tray to store additional tools, and adjustable shelves to fit any height, this pocket knife kit provides you with everything you need for safe and easy knife transportation. Moreover, the kit contains 2 Cardboard countertop displays and ten EDC knives. Make this portable display kit part of your go-to gear, and never have to worry about forgetting a knife ever again.

Old Bear WarrantyInformation

Old Bear Knives is committed to customer satisfaction. That's why every product is guaranteed to be free of material and artistry faults for the owner's life. If you ever have any doubts, feel free to contact us, and we will take care of you.

Old Bear will return the original item without providing a replacement. Some items cannot be fixed due to a lack of available components. In these cases, Old Bear will provide a currently produced item that is the most similar to the item turned in for repair.

Old Bear makes no warranty against regular wear and tear or misuse of its products. Not for use as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or any item has been damaged due to overuse, our repair service can assess the damage and restore it for a reasonable charge.

If you have concerns or warranty issues with your Old Bear product, please get in touch with Knife Country for advice on filing your warranty claim to the manufacturer.

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