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EOS PRAWN S Knife Series by EOS Wallets Cases and Knives

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EOS Prawn S Knife Series - Compact Craftsmanship for Everyday Use


Knife Country USA is delighted to introduce the EOS Prawn S Knife Series, a collection that encapsulates the essence of portability without compromising on the strength and quality EOS is known for. This series boasts a selection of pocket-sized knives, each constructed with the utmost attention to detail and functionality.


The Prawn S Series knives are equipped with features suited for a range of tasks, from casual everyday cutting to more demanding work. The series highlights a variety of tanto and spear point blades, each made from high-quality stainless steel with finishes ranging from stonewash to black DLC coatings. The handles are crafted from sturdy materials such as aluminum and titanium, ensuring a secure grip and lasting durability.



  • EOS 013 to EOS 027 - Prawn Folders: This selection includes knives with colorful aluminum handles, carbon fiber detailing, and various titanium finishes. The diversity in design caters to individual preferences while maintaining the series' signature quality.


Each knife in the Prawn S Series features a slip joint mechanism that allows the blade to be held open or closed by adjusting the tension on the thrust washers, offering a classic knife experience with modern reliability. Their compact size, combined with a pocket clip and thumb stud for one-handed operation, makes them the perfect everyday carry.


The EOS Prawn S Series is a tribute to American-made craftsmanship, reflecting a commitment to creating knives that are both dependable and accessible. Whether you're a knife enthusiast or someone seeking a reliable blade for daily tasks, the Prawn S Series provides options that are sure to impress with their functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Knife Country USA is proud to offer this series to customers who appreciate the delicate balance between practicality and artistry in their tools. The EOS Prawn S Knife Series is not just a collection of knives; it's an assortment of personal accessories that are ready to face challenges with you every day.


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